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Snapchat rolls out analytics tool to win back the influencers it has lost to Instagram

February 14, 2018 / marketingland

Snapchat will detail influencers’ audiences using the same categories brands use to target ads, making it easier for influencers to sell brands on sponsoring their Stories. Snapchat is finally giving influencers the analytics tool that they have been clamoring for, and that may bring them back to using its app. Snapchat will give certain influencers access to an in-app analytics tool breaking down how their Stories perform and who their audiences are, the app’s parent company Snap announced on Wednesday. Influencers who are part of Snapchat’s Official Stories program — its version of Instagram’s verified profiles — or who have large audiences on Snapchat will be the first with access to the analytics tool. A Snap spokesperson declined to say what specific criteria Snap will use when deciding which influencers outside of the Official Stories program will be given access to the analytics tool. Snapchat’s analytics tool will detail the viewership ...