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Snapchat opens its advertising API to everyone

February 12, 2018 / Tim Peterson

Snap’s Marketing API enables any brand, agency or developer to create its own software to automate the buying and targeting of Snapchat’s Snap Ads. Snapchat is going all in on automation. More than a year after Snapchat’s parent company Snap officially launched its advertising API for approved developers to build software to programmatically buy ads on Snapchat, the company is opening up the automated ad-buying toolkit to all advertisers, agencies and third-party developers, Snap announced on Tuesday. Through Snap’s Marketing API, companies can develop their own programs to buy and target Snapchat’s vertical video Snap Ads and Sponsored Filters. They can access the API — which is no different from the one previously only available to approved ad tech firms — and its corresponding documentation on Snap’s developers site. “We’ve been listening closely to third-party developers as we transition Snapchat ad products onto our self-...