ZINFI Ends Another Year on a Successful Note

ZINFI | January 20, 2022

PRM platform
On January 18, ZINFI Technologies, Inc., announced that its software businesses had a 35 percent year-over-year increase in revenue for its PRM platform by the end of 2021. Additionally, ZINFI was recognized as a ‘leader’ from the crowd-sourced review site G2 for its PRM and PPM solutions. It has won this title for four quarters in a row.

ZINFI’s growth in revenue was driven by the addition of dozens of new enterprise accounts of varying sizes in 2021. Accounts across the manufacturing, green-energy, retail, and technology sector chose ZINFI’s PRM solutions. Additionally, smaller organizations adopted its PRM solutions rapidly. It enabled these organizations to hire, train, and equip their partners and move on from the email and Excel-based workflows.

In 2021, ZINFI introduced its 12x platform architecture. It runs on Microsoft Azure and assists customers with secure and always-on abilities. More so, it allows distributed data management to help organizations automate compliance with regional data privacy regulations.

2021 was a year of hope, bringing rapid vaccination around the world, but organizations remained cautious about bringing their workforces back to the office. At the same time, we saw unprecedented mobility in the labor market, as employees opted for work-from-home options with better pay and moved to locations offering a higher quality of life. The demand for remote work options and the movement of the workforce away from cities accelerated the adoption of sophisticated channel automation technologies, and we saw this rise across all segments. ZINFI's state-of-the-art partner relationship management platform can keep businesses running at the speed of digital, and it enables the deployment of a highly distributed and efficient workforce that can effectively recruit, train and manage a fully distributed channel organization."

Sugata Sanyal, founder & CEO of ZINFI

ZINFI introduced 250 new features across their platform. These features have enhanced the following areas:
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Partner Profile & Groups Management
  • Advanced Partner Onboarding
  • Mobile App
  • Advanced Connectors

ZINFI offers a 30-day free trial (no credit card required) to its potential customers. It gives them access to its entire Unified Channel Marketing automation platform to try out its industry-leading channel management applications before they make a purchase decision.


If you're experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to consider upgrading to a CRM. With the right system in place, you'll be able to streamline your customer management process and grow your business.


If you're experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to consider upgrading to a CRM. With the right system in place, you'll be able to streamline your customer management process and grow your business.

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ConnectWise Wraps Day Two of IT Nation Connect with Announcements of New Innovation Across its Expansive Software and Services Portfolio

ConnectWise | November 15, 2022

Today, ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), announced multiple product news milestones and innovation-accelerating partnerships spanning its product and service portfolios. From innovation in business management, to remote monitoring and management, to cybersecurity, these offerings, powered by ConnectWise’s modern Asio™ platform, are designed to help partners save time, reduce costs, secure their environments, strengthen customer experience, and improve profitability. ConnectWise anchored its innovation story around the Asio platform, which launched last year, with many new products and services now benefitting from this modern engineering approach. With this modern, unified, open, and extensible platform, partners can expect infinite scalability, intelligent automation, value-added reporting and insights, and a common user interface. The company also showcased its ability to move from ideation to implementation at a more rapid speed than before—even daily at times—to deliver updates and enhancements across the portfolio. “In order to future-proof the TSP channel as they navigate the infinite edge of computing, ConnectWise is moving towards more rapid innovation with the Asio platform as our centralized data layer that can scale with predictive and consultative AI,” said Jason Magee, ConnectWise CEO. “In order to future-proof the TSP channel as they navigate the infinite edge of computing, ConnectWise is moving towards more rapid innovation with the Asio platform as our centralized data layer that can scale with predictive and consultative AI,” said Jason Magee, ConnectWise CEO. “The partnerships and improvements we’ve announced today are examples of the breadth of services we can bring together in a way that is meaningful for partners, powerful in its extensibility, and rooted in secure development principles.” A variety of new offerings were announced during the product keynote of IT Nation Connect demonstrating these priorities. Just a handful of examples include: Supporting TSPs with Relentless Automation & Streamlined Business Management Navigating through multiple platforms may take only a “few clicks” but when done hundreds of times a day, that work adds up. Integrations spanning various ConnectWise products brings these functions into a single pane of glass. ConnectWise PSA™ (Manage) now has an ITBoost overlay where partners can link-to and access ITBoost data within tickets and the broader system without leaving the PSA. Similarly, an integration with SmileBack™, a ConnectWise solution, merges customer feedback directly into the Service Desk module. The company also showed off the Microsoft Intune integration with ConnectWise RMM™ which allows partners to see compliance status of all devices without needing to click into each Intune tenant. Attendees got an up-close view of a refreshed ITBoostTM, a ConnectWise solution. ConnectWise has invested significantly in ensuring the knowledge ITBoost provides to partners is readily available. Scalable business management tools, like being able to perform bulk actions and mass updates on core assets, custom templates within ITBoost, are critical to MSPs success. The company also touched on its intentions with Wise-SyncTM, a ConnectWise solution, a payments automation company recently acquired by ConnectWise. Partners are already benefitting from the Wise-Sync integration with ConnectWise PSA, and Wise-Pay for ConnectWise CPQTM, and the company pointed towards an intent to expand Wise-Pay to PSA. Mobilizing the importance of payments is another component ConnectWise is solving for MSPs. Managing a variety of similar solutions across a breadth of products puts further burden on TSPs cash flow. Long-term, ConnectWise expects Asio to be the go-to hub to present the right solution at the right time at the right price from the right vendor through the right supplier with a clean experience weaving it all together. The strategic alliance ConnectWise announced with distributor Arrow yesterday is just one example of this. Today, the company also announced key integrations with ConnectWise CPQ (Sell) to enhance the quoting process, streamline quote creation and billing reconciliation, and reduce the need to chase clients for payments. These include a Wise-Pay integration that eliminates accounts receivables burdens, ensuring timely payments; and new integrations with Amazon Business and Anixter. Putting Data to Work for TSPs The industry-leading dashboards from BrightGauge®, a ConnectWise solution, are now available across other products in the ConnectWise family of solutions. BrightGauge and Sentinel One enable partners to raise visibility of when threat actors may be at work. BrightGauge with ConnectWise RMM allow partners to visualize health scores, status, and summary of clients' devices. And BrightGauge paired with ITBoost demonstrate ways to stay on top of asset expirations, how your documentation is getting used and more. Bringing data from multiple sources into a single dashboard has a powerful impact with many partners already benefiting from these powerful insights. Provide an Outstanding Experience ConnectWise is striving to be easier to do business with and ensure our partners are able to take similar ideologies forward to their clients. SIEM Executive Reports are designed for MSPs to pass pertinent details and insights on to their clients outlining the number of potential attacks that were blocked, demonstrate the effectiveness of the tools, and help MSPs communicate the value and effectiveness of their security services to their customers. With talent shortages as an international challenge, and recognizing employees are often the drivers of a business’s reputation, ensuring employee satisfaction is more important than ever. ConnectWise introduced a new policies and packages feature within ConnectWise RMM that can push necessary software to various libraries of technology types based on preconfigured settings. Features like this simplify the manual tasks for technology employees, freeing up time for them to focus on strategic priorities. Helping TSPs Secure Themselves and Their Customers ConnectWise announced that it has expanded its cybersecurity portfolio to offer increased capabilities, in some cases by teaming up with other providers to architect best-in-class solutions. ConnectWise Vulnerability Management automates routine scanning of an environment for exposures and vulnerabilities, giving end-users visibility towards potential cyber risk and areas where incremental security investments could deliver the best protection. SASE by ConnectWise and Exium offers endpoint protection from malware and data leaks with a suite of technologies partners typically have to purchase individually. This unique partnership provides secure internet access for users and zero-trust access to cloud and on-premises resources through a cost effective and modern cloud-based SASE platform. IAM by ConnectWise and Evo extends protection for MSP-centric multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and elevated access for MSP administration to defend against the most exploited attack vector, partners’ employees themselves. Whether starting from scratch or expanding services to an existing cybersecurity practice, ConnectWise solutions are purpose-built to launch quickly and deliver outstanding client security outcomes. For partners who want assistance building their cybersecurity practices, the ConnectWise Partner Program offers enablement, marketing support, sales support, investment funds and more—those in the program have grown their cybersecurity practices four times faster than others.

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Impartner Enhances Partner Marketing Automation with 'Do it for Me' Options

Impartner | January 06, 2023

Impartner, a provider of partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, has updated its partner marketing automation (PMA) platform to include more "Do it for Me" options to automate co-selling and co-marketing. These updates are included in Impartner's Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform, which was recently named a leader in the G2 2023 Winter Reports. The new "Do it for Me" automation options provide partners with pre-built content, campaigns, and materials to help them collaborate on co-selling and co-marketing initiatives. The PMA platform now includes a "Do it for me" option for email marketing, allowing partners with no marketing experience to share their marketing contact lists with a vendor and opt-in to hands-off email campaigns sent on their behalf. This will help partners market their products and services more quickly and with less effort than ever before. "Anyone without any marketing experience can use Impartner for joint marketing with channel partners. For most marketing, partners opt-in, send a couple of assets, and the system does the rest—the brand updates the content. We've also created a 'Do it for me' option, making our PMA platform the most partner-friendly marketing automation system available." Gary Sabin, VP of Product at Impartner The PMA platform also includes Promotion Syndication, which allows brands to create a library of banner ads that partners can use and helps companies manage co-marketing efforts more effectively. In addition, Impartner has added a "Get Started" tab to its Marketing Center with video tutorials and a dashboard to show progress toward key performance indicators. All these changes to the PMA platform make it easier for partners to market their products and services quickly and efficiently. About Impartner Impartner is the fastest-growing and most award-winning provider of channel management technologies. Its flagship Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation solutions help companies around the world manage their relationships with partners, drive demand through partners, and speed up revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. It is based out of Utah

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AppDirect Announces Its Selection as an Exclusive Partner of StrataCore

AppDirect | January 17, 2023

AppDirect, the world's leading commercial platform for B2B subscriptions, recently announced its selection as StrataCore's exclusive partner. StrataCore is a leading technology advisor specializing in cloud, security, connectivity, and data services. This partnership will support the company's future growth. StrataCore chose AppDirect as its strategic partner based on the marketplace's extensive catalog of telecom, SaaS, energy, and other products available to advisors from more than 600 providers. In addition, the providers are all backed by industry-leading integration and back-office support. As a result, StrataCore can significantly expand its client offerings and enhance the client's experience. StrataCore will use AppDirect's newly-launched account management service. Additionally, the company partnered through AppDirect with the AppDirect Capital Invest program to diversify its business, stimulate growth through upfront capital, and retain advisor ownership and control of the enterprise. "We're thrilled that StrataCore is partnering with us to power their business transformation trajectory. AppDirect offers a unique and unparalleled combination of benefits for advisors, and we're delighted that StrataCore will leverage our Invest program as a vehicle to solve some of their toughest business problems. The innovation, growth, and diverse portfolio resulting from this partnership will enable StrataCore to serve its clients even better," said Renee Bergeron, Chief Operating Officer at AppDirect." (Source: Business Wire) About AppDirect AppDirect is a leading subscription commerce provider founded in 2009 in San Francisco (California). The company offers a commerce platform that facilitates the creation of a recurring business model. It has streamlined its services to sell products through any channel on any device. AppDirect also powers AppSmart, a B2B technology platform and ecosystem connecting technology buyers with expert advisors to simplify the sale, purchase, and administration of telecommunications, cloud, and other crucial business services. AppDirect is used by many well-known companies, including Microsoft, Google, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, Jaguar Land Rover, ADP, and many more.

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