We're coming to you live (virtually) from Lead Generation Week!

WorkBook6 | May 26, 2020

We are so excited to be hosting a virtual panel this week as part of Lead Generation Week. Our session will be focused on the ways insurance companies can support lending consumers around their primary transaction. We’ve got an incredible group of thought leaders joining us: Marc Buro from InsuraMatch, Abby Reddy from Quotacy and Colin Nabity from Breeze.

Our session is available for all Lead Generation Week participants, and will take place on Thursday at 9 PST/12 EST.


Social media is always changing, and not just in terms of new algorithm updates or platform features, but also in relation to usage, and where people's attentions lie.


Social media is always changing, and not just in terms of new algorithm updates or platform features, but also in relation to usage, and where people's attentions lie.

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Top SEO Agency determined to Improvise Industry Reputation for SEO

Outpace | December 30, 2021

After having several years of expertise in both the corporate and agency worlds, Summit Ghimire joined Outpace SEO in early 2020. Summit's ROI-driven approach aims to make him the best SEO business for his clients' long-term goals. Before the establishment of Outpace in 2020, Summit worked for various reputed organizations like AndWhat Media, Paycom, and Online Jewelry Store as the Head of SEO. The founder of Outpace, Summit Ghimire, completed his graduation degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Computer Science and possessed a Google Analytics certification. Summit manages the optimization strategy design, directing, and implementing SEO programs and initiatives as a head of SEO. Summit launched his own SEO company, Outpace, after gaining experience optimizing websites for both small and Fortune 500 companies. He is on a quest to improve the industry's reputation and the quality of SEO services. Many SEO firms over-promise on their outcomes, leaving clients disappointed. Summit and Outpace concentrate on and do an in-depth study on search engine algorithms in order to eliminate the guesswork associated with improving search rankings. In less than two years, Clutch Outpace has become the best SEO agency in Oklahoma. Summit's enthusiasm for SEO stems from successful campaigns he's run for hundreds of customers in various industries.

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With a 35% sales discount, comprehensive channel incentives and support, Panzura Blows Away the Competition

prnewswire | November 17, 2020

Panzura has reported a ground-breaking, new and exhaustive arrangement of channel backing and ventures to drive the achievement of Panzura accomplices around the globe, including framework integrators, esteem added affiliates, innovation coalition accomplices, OEMs and oversaw specialist co-ops (MSPs). Panzura has raised the stakes with contenders, presently offering a 35 percent markdown on all business which underscores the organization's new accomplice first way to deal with the market. Extra projects intended for channel accomplices to support deals exercises have likewise been presented. Affiliates will presently profit by new SPIFFs, and a limitless advertising improvement store (MDF), both intended to address the difficulties of bringing in cash in the channel, and to guarantee accomplices are compensated with worthwhile arrangements. On the side of the current and new channel programs offered by Panzura, the organization has revealed an online accomplice entryway, controlled by Allbound's accomplice relationship and channel the board arrangement. The entryway gives a consistent encounter to dealing with the full scope of community, MDF, SPIFFs, refunds and rewards, and gives salesmen and program executives a simple "all inclusive resource" to oversee, develop, prepare and execute their Panzura business. This incorporates bargain enrollment, just as admittance to assets for deals enablement, and advertising help including the capacity to co-brand resources inside minutes. Accomplices can likewise utilize the gateway to get Panzura affirmed, a program which will see huge venture into new market portions past its AEC roots. "The success of our partners is our success—nothing could be more important than ensuring they have the best tools and support available to do their jobs," said Zach LaVoie, global director of channel sales at Panzura. Since its acquisition in May by Profile Capital Management, a private wealth fund that invests in exceptional technology, the company has reshaped its culture with a renewed commitment to help customers and partners achieve outstanding business outcomes. "We have taken a good hard look at the sticking points for our reseller partners, and across the board removed the barriers to closing deals and getting things done. That includes making it easier for customers to get data into the cloud, and take advantage of Panzura services," LaVoie added. Program extension and ventures Late accomplice program upgrades, which can all be found on the new accomplice entrance, are intended to give simple instruments to joint business arranging and extended arrangement detailing and enlistment. MDF—another Marketing Development Fund has been presented with no reasonable cutoff as a way to assist accomplices with driving income along with Panzura. Enlisted accomplice program members can apply to the asset by rounding out a structure on the accomplice entryway. SPIFFs—The Sales Performance Investment Fund is an adaptable motivation for accomplices that offers $250 to agents, and an extra $250 to tech assets, as a cautious reward for settling a negotiation or booking a demo. Panzura accreditation—A move up to the Panzura Certification Program, which has recently centered around AEC deals, will incorporate new substance, tests and affirmations for extra client portions. Union specialists—Panzura has gotten devoted specialists to help affiliates with bargains that rotate around usage for cloud coalition accomplices, for example, Google, IBM, AWS, Azure, Cloudian and Wasabi. "While Panzura's technology had us on day one, their investment in our current and future partnership has been a big deal to us," said Cary Dahl, field CTO at SHI International Corp. "They are not rigid around program parameters and are willing to do what it takes to achieve our sales goals, maximize revenue, and ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Panzura with the great new incentives and programs they now offer." "Hands down, Panzura has the fastest and most powerful platform for accessing and protecting data spread across public clouds, on-premises data centers and the edge," said Robert J. Zannotti, executive vice president for global sales at Microdesk, Inc., "Our partnership is becoming more important and meaningful for both companies, and we look forward to continuing to grow together." About Panzura Panzura is the fabric that transforms cloud storage into a global file system, allowing enterprises to use the cloud as a high performance, globally available data center. Companies all around the world in the sports, healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, gaming, and architectural, engineering and construction industries, as well as government agencies use Panzura's fabric to manage hundreds of petabytes of data in the cloud. Visit panzura.com for more information. Panzura is a trademark or registered trademark of Panzura LLC in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and/or logos are property of their respective owners.

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A Great Partnership Between Erem Media Partners With iZooto To Lessen Dependency on Facebook and Google

iZooto | June 08, 2021

Erem Media Group today declared their association with iZooto to expand on their audience engagement and maintenance endeavors. iZooto, an audience marketing platform, helps media distributers lessen their dependency on Facebook and Google. Erem Media Group has been utilizing iZooto for their flagship websites - Erem News and Foochia - and has seen their traffic increment by more than 20%. Google search updates and Facebook algorithm tweaks have impacted media businesses profoundly and that's a solitary reason why media businesses in the GCC region have persistently been exploring solutions. With 3rd party cookies phasing out, audience development and its engagement have become business priorities. Erem News uses iZooto for both engagement and monetization to boost their revenue. It already produces 35%+ of their total visitors from iZooto and this continues to rise month on month. "Editors at Erem News are quick to break stories to their readers. With iZooto, we can connect readers quicker than ever before - this gives us an upper hand," added Mohammad Aldaghestani, Head of Audience Engagement at Erem Media. iZooto is the go-to-platform for editors, revenue, and audience engagement teams. At Erem News, engagement and monetization are important goals for 2021 and we already see this partnership playing its part. "iZooto helps us distribute news faster than email or even social media. iZooto's contribution is now more than Facebook, Google search and Google news. We are able to get the word out really quickly," added Becrine Alam, Head of Editorial at Erem Media. "Our association with Erem Media is an incredible confirmation of the strength of our foundation and the business pattern.. We now process over 5B notifications every day for our 1200+ publisher partners. Our deep understanding of the publisher ecosystem and our ability to support enterprise grade scale is what makes iZooto the preferred partner for media giants like Erem News," added Siddhartha Saxena, Business Head at iZooto. "We remain committed to the vision of building and nurturing our audience and we see iZooto as a long term partner," said Tajelddin Abdel Haq Editor in Chief, at Erem Media. "We are building iZooto as a platform that enables newsrooms to build a deeper and better relationship with their audience. Google and Facebook compete with media businesses. iZooto is changing that. The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and we are seeing strong traction from the publishers in the GCC region. We will continue to invest heavily in the region over the next few years," added Neel Kothari, CEO at iZooto. Know More About iZooto iZooto is an owned audience marketing solution that influences push notification as a channel to help publishers build, own, and involve their audience. Headquartered in Delhi, iZooto recently set up its operations in the UAE. Over 1100+ publishers globally use iZooto to push over 150B notifications every month - across channels like - web notifications, messenger and native mobile apps.

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