Tinuiti Launches New Omnichannel Full Performance Influencer Practice

Tinuiti | February 08, 2022

On February 2, Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Amazon, Facebook, Google, and streaming TV announced the launch of its omnichannel Performance Influencer Practice. It is a full-service, full-funnel solution that delivers measurable ROI for brands by leveraging influencer marketing.

Tinuiti is the first U.S agency to earn TikTok’s Campaign Management Badge. It is uniquely positioned to help brands leverage influencers across the entire customer journey through its exclusive partnerships, media capabilities, and tech stack like no other. All these in-house tools allow tactical activation across the entire funnel to enhance performance outcomes within clients’ large media mix and efficient strategy execution. It delivers multi-channel distribution plans, pushes out influencer campaigns into paid social, OTT, programmatic, websites, and more.

The firm is led by 15-year veteran Crystal Duncan, who is the SVP, and Head of Influencer Marketing. Tinuiti serves clients across all aspects of the influencer journey, right from sourcing and vetting talent, content creation, to performance measurement through paid distribution. It has a team of highly trained experts who build data-driven strategies that are activated against the proper group of influencers based on brand KPIs.

Influencers are incredibly effective for brands because they are authentic storytellers who emotionally connect with and are trusted by their audiences. But that is just one piece of the Influencer puzzle. Tinuiti understands the magic in omnichannel integration with other digital marketing tactics and the ability to measure Influencer performance beyond vanity metrics, truly making it a full-funnel driver. The integration across functions including Social, Affiliate, and ecommerce create a larger amplification in a highly competitive space for brands to grow their business."

Crystal Duncan, SVP, Head of Influencer Marketing

"As quantitative, tech-driven, data scientists who truly get Influencer, Tinuiti brings precise measurement to bear on our clients' Influencer campaigns—in other words, exactly the type of analytics that has typically been so elusive for brands looking to gauge the results of their Influencer investments." – Obele Brown-West, Tinuiti's Chief Solutions Officer.


Learn tips for how to optimize each stage of the customer journey to drive repeat purchases and cultivate higher LTV from your ideal audience across channels. Whether you need list building suggestions, loyalty program tips, payment option ideas, or need to start an entire strategy from scratch, our partners have you covered. Start cultivating repeat engagement and deepening your brand ties today.


Learn tips for how to optimize each stage of the customer journey to drive repeat purchases and cultivate higher LTV from your ideal audience across channels. Whether you need list building suggestions, loyalty program tips, payment option ideas, or need to start an entire strategy from scratch, our partners have you covered. Start cultivating repeat engagement and deepening your brand ties today.

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On February 22, ZINFI Technologies, Inc., announced that YourSix, a leading Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) software to small businesses and enterprises, had successfully launched ZINFI partner portal software. This launch will provide its network of resellers with a secure and accessible central repository of sales and marketing assets. It will also streamline its partner onboarding process. YourSix has onboarded more than 150 partners through the partner portal since February 2021. "That's a huge win for us…given the size of our sales team," saysTracey Boucher Brown, Director of Marketing at YourSix, who points out the accomplishment would have been impossible without the portal's "intuitive" digital tools and automated workflows. YourSix is also using the partner portal as a partner resource center, where different types of partners selling YourSix software to diverse audiences can log in and find co-brandable collateral, resource documents, demos, training materials, and other marketing and sales assets tailored to specific verticals and customer types. "The portal makes it easy to assign different profiles to different partner and customer types without us having to touch every single instance of every document," says Brown. "The flexibility of the tool has been great." For technology companies selling to multiple verticals through a distributed channel, managing relationships with partner resellers can be very complex. That's where automation of partner relationship management processes and workflows can be very powerful, helping organizations streamline processes, engage and educate their partner base, generate more leads in less time, and increase revenues. Deploying the ZINFI partner portal is a great way for companies of all sizes to get started, and then they can integrate new modules on the ZINFI platform as their business matures and their requirements evolve." Sugata Sanyal, Founder & CEO of ZINFI YourSix is an acknowledged, award-winning PSaaS provider that represents the union of surveillance, audio, artificial intelligence, audio, access control, and monitoring through a unified cloud platform. Additionally, it also provides visual intelligence and security advancements that are powered by machine learning/artificial intelligence.

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Predictiv AI Inc. and Sigfox Canada Agree to Enter into Global Sales Channel and Technology Integration Partnership for ThermalPass

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Predictiv AI Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAI) (OTC: INOTD) (FRANKFURT: 71T) ("Predictiv AI" or the "Company"), a software and solutions provider in the artificial intelligence and industrial IoT markets, and Sigfox Canada a wholly-owned Canadian company and exclusive licensee of the Sigfox 0G technology in Canada have agreed to enter into a sales channel, distribution and technology integration partnership for Predictiv AI's ThermalPass fever detection system. Sigfox is the world's leading Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and first global 0G network operator. The agreement will see Predictiv AI and Sigfox Canada collaborate on integrating Sigfox connectivity into the ThermalPass. This will enable highly dependable data transfer through ThermalPass at a remarkably low cost on the Sigfox Canada network, which is designed to meet the requirements of mass IOT applications. This enhanced functionality will position ThermalPass to generate monthly recurring revenue by offering a multitude of enterprise scenarios.

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Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Auckland Explains SEO in Business Leaders' Language

Zib Digital | October 12, 2021

According to a leading digital marketing agency in Auckland, Zib Digital, SEO is the process of ensuring a website is finely tuned to display as high as possible on any Google search. As Zib Digital explains, SEO is a continual process of refinement of a long series of very technical digital items and a continual candid assessment of what people are typing when they search. SEO is the best connection between the declared intent of a customer and the possibility of selling a product or service. Zib Digital says SEO is a powerful part of any digital strategy. The key to understanding this is understanding the data. Google data reveals that for every 100 people that search in Google, 72 will click an organic search result and 65 per cent of those people will click on a website in the first three positions. Zib Digital explains that there are many reasons why businesses fail to see the size of the opportunity of SEO Auckland-wide. The typical agency in New Zealand is ill-equipped to complete the technical work required to make SEO a long-term success. As a result, many businesses that have tried SEO fail to build any confidence when results have not been achieved. Additionally, Zib Digital says an SEO strategy that has been executed with a focus on too many keyword phrases will not yield effective results. Many agencies offering SEO services promise results in under six months and if results do not materialise, owners and executives give up. There is also a general misunderstanding that when a website is built, it is 'optimised for Google'. While there are elements of the technical setup that can help, it is a gradual and consistent process over many months and years that achieves the best results. As the leading SEO company in Auckland, Zib Digital has built a large and dedicated team of SEO specialists. With depth, diversity and strong leadership, Zib Digital consistently places clients in the top three on Google organic rankings. To dominate Google search results and make more money, it's time to outsource digital marketing in Auckland to Zib Digital.

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