ShardSecure® Expands Growing Channel Partner Program with New Cybersecurity Partner Braxton-Grant Technologies

ShardSecure® | June 16, 2022

Channel Partner Program
ShardSecure, inventor of the innovative Microshard™ technology that mitigates data security and privacy risks in the cloud, is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership in its Channel partner program with cybersecurity services company Braxton-Grant Technologies. Braxton-Grant provides compliance, managed security, training, and technical support services for clients in finance, government, healthcare, education, and more.

An IT advisor with more than 20 years of experience, Braxton-Grant Technologies designs and implements custom cybersecurity solutions. Their customers in commercial and government sectors will benefit from the ShardSecure's Microshard technology to augment their data security and data privacy measures.

"'Forward thinking' and 'leading edge' describe the ShardSecure platform for protecting data," said Braxton-Grant CTO Claude Braxton.

"'Forward thinking' and 'leading edge' describe the ShardSecure platform for protecting data," said Braxton-Grant CTO Claude Braxton. "Partnering with ShardSecure became a no-brainer after watching the product in action. Their ability to provide advanced data security in the cloud, on-prem, and in hybrid environments allows us to support most customer use cases. Braxton-Grant is looking forward to growing with ShardSecure as we help our customers protect their sensitive data."

Microshard technology desensitizes sensitive data by digitally shredding it into microshards that are too small to contain sensitive data. Those microshards are then mixed with poison data and distributed to multiple, customer-owned storage locations of the customer's choosing. Its self-healing data also reverses unauthorized data deletion and tampering — including ransomware — for data at rest.

Microsharding renders sensitive data unintelligible and of no value in the wrong hands, enabling that data for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments to help ensure data security and privacy. The three-step Microshard process drastically mitigates the impact of a data breach.

ShardSecure's self-healing data supports business continuity through its RAID-5-like ability to reconstruct data impacted by storage service outages. This approach protects against the effects of data loss and allows business operations to continue unaffected during an outage.

"Our Channel partners are vital in helping us sustain our rapid growth. Braxton-Grant has been a respected, trusted advisor to their customers for a quarter of a century, and we are delighted to partner with their world-class team," said Bob Lam, CEO and Co-Founder of ShardSecure. "Through Braxton-Grant, we look forward to helping more customers achieve greater data security and resilience with our Microshard technology."

About Braxton-Grant Technologies
Braxton-Grant Technologies is a trusted IT advisor with more than 20 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing custom cybersecurity solutions. With a highly trained and certified sales and engineering team, it identifies the business solutions that work best for a company's industry and processes.

About ShardSecure
ShardSecure is changing the nature of data security. It believes that all organizations can easily and securely enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption without surrendering control of their data. Inventors of patented Microshard technology, ShardSecure cloud-enables sensitive data by desensitizing it in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.


ABM is a powerful and popular B2B marketing approach with program returns that are higher than broad-based demand generation. But it has its challenges including difficulty to scale, a focus on accounts vs. buying groups, and a tendency to be watered down into a “marketing to accounts” approach. By applying the core principles o


ABM is a powerful and popular B2B marketing approach with program returns that are higher than broad-based demand generation. But it has its challenges including difficulty to scale, a focus on accounts vs. buying groups, and a tendency to be watered down into a “marketing to accounts” approach. By applying the core principles o

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