Pipedrive Launches Campaigns Feature To Enhance Product Functionalities

Pipedrive | June 13, 2022

Pipedrive Launches Campaigns Feature
Pipedrive, a CRM software company, expanded its product suite with new marketing campaign management capabilities. Campaigns by Pipedrive is designed to bring sales and marketing into one revenue management platform so users can access every aspect of their email marketing campaigns in one location.

This new functionality aims to provide businesses with full transparency across their sales and marketing teams for greater visibility into revenue, campaign data, pipelines, etc. Key features of Campaigns by Pipedrive include:
  • One platform to support sales and marketing teams with lead generation, CRM and email marketing in one place;
  • One database to unify contact lists with bulk import options and to keep all customer interactions by sales and marketing teams in one area;
  • A Campaign builder, which offers slick, customizable email templates based on performance and intuitive “drag-n-drop” options;
  • Targeting options to filter the right contacts for more precise audience segmentation;
  • Insight functionalities forreal-time audience/campaign engagement reports; and
  • Email marketing automation to help set up fully automated lead qualification flows and customer relationship nurturing sequences. (This functionality will be available later this summer).

“There is a clear gap and need in the market today for an integration of the sales and marketing businesses,” said Shaun Shirazian, Chief Product Officer at Pipedrive, in a statement.

“There is a clear gap and need in the market today for an integration of the sales and marketing businesses,” said Shaun Shirazian, Chief Product Officer at Pipedrive, in a statement. “Organizations’ bottom lines are more important than ever before — especially as we emerge from the pandemic — and companies are always looking for ways to optimize their business and reduce costs. By bringing sales and marketing teams seamlessly onto one revenue management platform, we are giving our customers the tools they need to align their business targets to drive revenue for the whole business. It’s exactly what our customers have been asking for and we are excited to introduce it to the market today.”


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Protecting your domain is a crucial part of protecting your brand online. Here’s how to find the right domain protection vendor (even if it’s not us). In this guide, you’ll learn: Criteria for evaluating brand protection vendors The domain protection ecosystem How to neutralize phishing campaigns And more! Bad actors want to exp

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Rightpoint | January 23, 2023

A Genpact company, Rightpoint, was identified for its Global Experience leadership with the company's Total Experience approach, including employee, customer, and product experience. The company's expert approach towards developing bespoke employee, customer, and product experiences has earned it numerous industry-wide recognition in past years. It includes the Microsoft US Partner Award for Employee Experience last year in June, when the company was acknowledged as a winner. Other recognition and awards include a spot in the top five of HFS Research's rankings of employee experience firms for 2022, with 'Voice of the Customer' coming in at number one. The Microsoft Partner of the Year award honors partners from over 100 countries who have done great work and developed new ideas in a wide range of categories. Each year, winners are chosen based on how much they care about their customers, how vital their solutions are, and how well they use Microsoft technologies. Rich Wood, Vice President, of Microsoft Alliances for Rightpoint, said, "I'm thrilled that Rightpoint was named Microsoft US Partner Award winner for Employee Experience in the US. This major award reflects our embrace of Microsoft's new Viva platform on top of years of dedication and commitment to our clients, some of Microsoft's largest and most important customers, and their efforts to put their people at the center of their corporate strategies." He also mentioned, "Coming in at the top of a stack of hundreds of Microsoft Partners is an incredible achievement and one for which we're filled with gratitude." (Source: Business Wire) About Rightpoint Rightpoint Founded in 2007, the Genpact company Rightpoint is a global experience leader. From helping clients define and realize their vision to maintaining their competitive edge in the market, the company's 700+ employees based out of 12 offices are always there to assist clients. The company's diverse teams are led by data, empathy, and creativity- always in service of experience. It helps its clients embrace experience throughout their operations from front to back office to hasten the digital transformation through a human-centric lens. The Forrester WaveTM: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, in the fourth quarter of 2020, named Rightpoint as one of the top customer experience consulting firms.

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ZINFI Releases ‘Feet on the Street’ Podcast Series on Channel Management

ZINFI Technologies | March 14, 2023

A channel marketing automation company, ZINFI Technologies, Inc., recently announced the release of its latest 'Feet on the Street' educational video podcast series. The podcast series focuses on innovative channel management strategies for collaboration through partner ecosystems and features special guest Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys. ZINFI Technologies is the company leading the creation and definition of Unified Channel Management solutions, including partner relationship management (PRM), affiliate marketing management (AMM), partner marketing management (PMM) and partner incentives management (PIM). The video podcast series is divided into seven chapters and is now accessible on demand from the ZINFI website. The podcast series begins with a conversation regarding a new type of partner and the process of collaborating most effectively with them to drive profit. McBain observes that every prospect has seven trusted partners, many of whom play a crucial role in implementing a product despite not being directly involved in the transaction, which can be completed digitally and via marketplaces. McBain and ZINFI’s CEO, Sugata Sanyal discuss the function of technology platforms, such as channel management software, in this new form of collaboration. In addition, they discuss the significance of automation concerning effective partner relationship management strategies. According to McBain, a prospect engages in an average of 28 'moments' before making a decision; therefore, collaborating with partners across the entire engagement process through automation is essential for achieving scale. In addition, McBain emphasizes vital role of mobility in collaboration with partners, highlighting the phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also mentions the over thirty ways to communicate with partners and guides in utilizing channel management software. About ZINFI Technologies One of the leading Unified Partner Management innovation companies, ZINFI Technologies, enables channel partners and vendors to achieve profitable growth predictably and fast globally. The company is based in Silicon Valley, USA and was established in 2007 by channel veterans with vast global channel management experience. The team aims to see high-performing sales channels by deploying a simplified, innovative and comprehensive state-of-the-art SaaS Unified Channel Management automation platform.

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Stellar Cyber Launches InterSTELLAR Partner Program to Boost Revenue

Stellar Cyber | March 16, 2023

On March 15, 2023, the Open XDR developer Stellar Cyber announced its new InterSTELLAR Partner Program to accelerate revenue for resellers of the Open XDR Steller Cyber platform. InterSTELLAR is a unique program that helps reseller partners master the leading Open XDR solution and compete for this massive market opportunity. Gartner anticipates that XDR technology will be a top priority for CISOs in 2023. InterSTELLAR is an innovative program that allows reseller partners to quickly gain expertise and compete for this huge market opportunity with the leading Open XDR solution. The 5-STAR and STAR levels of the InterSTELLAR Program reward partners with lead sharing, market development funds (MDFs), SPIFF programs, and a partner portal with a library of collateral, sales tools, and campaign ideas, among others. The 5-STAR level is created for partners that work well with Stellar Cyber and its Open XDR platform as well as offer benefits including access to SDR resources to follow target accounts, gets training and certification from Branded Cybersecurity Academy for Open XDR, offers access MSSPs for fully and co-managed security services, helps in participating in the Stellar Cyber University Partnership Program and the Stellar Cyber TalentHub Program. Vice President of Channels at Stellar Cyber, Randy Johnston, said, "Partners have told us their customers want more than a product - they need a partner that can help them solve big cybersecurity problems for their customers," He also said, "The InterSTELLAR Partner Program keeps it simple, and focuses on delivering the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform effectively through innovative enablement resources including education, training and go-to-market support to ensure that we help partners accelerate pipeline creation." (Source – Business Wire) About Stellar Cyber Founded in 2017, Stellar Cyber's Open XDR platform offers a comprehensive and unified security solution free from complexity. The company empowers lean security teams of any skill level to secure their environments effectively. With Stellar Cyber, organizations can mitigate risk by detecting and remedying threats early and precisely. This results in reduced costs, retention of existing tool investments, and improved analyst productivity. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, it is committed to providing top-tier security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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