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OSF Digital Acquires Datarati

Salesforce Marketing Cloud services
On January 18, OSF Digital, a digital transformation services company, announced that it acquired Datarati, a marketing automation, and CRM agency. Datarati is a Salesforce partner specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud in New Zealand and Australia. It has customers across the APAC region. This is OSF’s sixth acquisition in the past nine months as a part of their global strategy to scale locally and regionally n the APAC region. It plans to increase its Salesforce Digital 360 capabilities. However, the terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

"As part of the company's mission to be the leading global digital transformation partner to companies worldwide, OSF Digital continues to expand with yet another acquisition of a Salesforce-focused services leader in the APAC region," said Gerard (Gerry) Szatvanyi, CEO of OSF Digital. "With additional Marketing Cloud capability, capacity, and Performance Marketing expertise, we are equipped to continue exponential growth in the fast-growing APAC region and beyond."

We're excited to embark on this next phase of our rapid growth of Salesforce Marketing Cloud services and expansion of our Salesforce solutions across Australia, New Zealand, and the wider Asia-Pacific region. By coming together with the wider OSF Digital team, we will now have increased capacity and capability to support the demand from our customers to support their digital transformations."

Will Scully-Power, Founder & CEO of Datarati

This acquisition solidifies OSF Digital’s position as a highly regarded global Salesforce multi-cloud solution provider. OSF is keen on delivering digital transformations across Salesforce Marketing, Commerce Clouds, Service, Sales, and Experience. Datarati has assisted famous companies from various industries like communications and media, retail and consumer goods, insurance, health care, and financial services to digitally transform and scale their customer experience.

As an award-winning Salesforce Partner for over ten years, OSF Digital wants to drive digital transformation for its customers. It has deep industry expertise to identify and understand the specific requirements of its customers. It has the capabilities to implement innovative solutions that target selected markets and industry verticals for optimum results.

Apart from Datarati, OSF Digital has acquired Relation1, Werise, Adept Group, Paladin Group, and FitForCommerce. Additionally, it has also invested in Teia Labs.


Not all data is created equal. When it comes to leading impactful legal teams, legal ops professionals lead with data that enables them to make better business decisions. How do you lead with data? Design an effective data architecture and technology infrastructure that supports meaningful analytics and AI. Create flexibility in


Not all data is created equal. When it comes to leading impactful legal teams, legal ops professionals lead with data that enables them to make better business decisions. How do you lead with data? Design an effective data architecture and technology infrastructure that supports meaningful analytics and AI. Create flexibility in

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Zeta Becomes Leader in IDC MarketScape for B2C Omni-Channel Marketing

Zeta Global | September 11, 2023

The IDC MarketScape evaluation assesses 14 active vendors in the domain of omnichannel marketing platforms tailored for B2C enterprises. The Zeta Marketing Platform simplifies multi-vendor complexity, streamlining marketing for improved revenue performance. The Zeta Marketing Platform unifies identity, intelligence, and activation to elevate consumer experiences and drive brand success across all channels, including emerging ones. Zeta Global, the provider of AI-powered Marketing Cloud solutions, has announced its recognition as a leader in the IDC MarketScape for omni-channel-marketing platforms catering to B2C enterprises in 2023. The Zeta Marketing Platform has garnered recognition for its ability to streamline the intricacies associated with multiple vendors in areas such as email service providers (ESP), customer data platforms (CDP), demand-side platforms (DSP), and omnichannel engagement. Zeta's comprehensive integration of technology, data, and services is a valuable resource for large-scale enterprises, enabling them to streamline their marketing efforts and enhance revenue performance. Gerry Murray, Research Director at IDC's MarketScape for Enterprise Marketing Technology, acknowledged that the Zeta Marketing Platform's integrated technology, data, and services effectively simplify marketing across various areas, including email service providers (ESP), customer data platforms (CDP), demand-side platforms (DSP), and omnichannel engagement, ultimately driving improved revenue performance for enterprise organizations. The IDC MarketScape report highlights several key strengths of the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP). Firstly, ZMP is meticulously designed to empower enterprises in acquiring, expanding, and retaining their customer base, offering a comprehensive suite of core products, add-on modules, and specialized services tailored to specific market opportunities and vertical segments. Secondly, Zeta stands out with one of the most extensive consumer and business-to-business datasets in the industry, boasting over 2.4 billion consumer IDs, including 750+ million deterministic data points, as well as valuable location, transaction, and intent signals. These data assets are sourced from one of the world's largest repositories of personally identifiable information (PII), positioning Zeta as a prominent presence in the market. Zeta's strategy is to empower CMOs and their teams to make intelligence-based business decisions that deliver stronger results, said Christian Monberg, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at Zeta Global. [Source: Business Wire] Within the ZMP, marketers can harness intelligence that unlocks their capacity to construct, optimize, and activate marketing programs that accelerate growth and provide individualized consumer experiences across every channel. Recognition in this IDC MarketScape is appreciated and reinforces the continued investment in innovation while designing solutions for customers.

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Zeta Global Releases Intelligence-Powered Marketing Innovations to Boost Enterprise Business Growth

CMSWire | October 16, 2023

Zeta Global (NYSE: ZETA), the AI-powered Marketing Cloud, announced new Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) solutions to provide enterprise brands with powerful AI-enabled capabilities that deliver better experiences for consumers and better results for marketing programs. The new solutions were first revealed at Zeta’s annual New York City based conference, ZETA LIVE 2023, which brought together thought leaders from across the spectrum of business and culture to discuss the future and power of Intelligence. During the conference’s Product Keynote, Zeta’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Monberg, and Chief Data Officer, Neej Gore, unveiled new innovations in identity, generative AI, and consumer engagement delivered through the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP). The unified solutions within a single platform will enable enterprise brands to unlock actionable intelligence to make more informed business decisions, improve personalization across all touchpoints, and deliver stronger business results for brands. Chris Monberg and Neej Gore jointly stated, Our long-term investments in our Data Cloud and AI, coupled with new innovations that build on the disruptive force of Generative AI, sharpen the ZMP’s differentiation and bring us closer to our vision to make sophisticated marketing simple. The ZMP is one of one. It is the only platform that integrates data from outside a client’s four walls to work seamlessly with their first-party data. Furthermore, the ZMP creates incremental intelligence that augments a brand’s existing customer profiles and bridges the enhanced profile to personalized engagement across multiple channels - all while generating a lower total cost of ownership. It’s a very complex process, but our clients, the world’s most sophisticated marketers, demand more. We truly believe the companies that win in the future will use AI to create and sustain more profitable relationships with consumers through actionable intelligence.” “Despite massive investments in data and technology, marketers still struggle to personalize more than 50% of their customer interactions, and that number is a lot lower for personalizing journeys,” said Gerry Murray, Research Director, Enterprise Marketing Technology at IDC. “Personalization at scale is crucial to customer experience, loyalty, and lifetime value. As a result, we’re seeing an uptick in replacement of older martech solutions in favor of modern platforms with deeper engagement, intelligence, and data capabilities.” “We chose Zeta based on their vision and commitment to stay ahead of the market. We are excited to be partnering with Zeta to redefine and deliver cutting-edge Generative AI capabilities that will elevate the way we engage clients and prospects. Together, we are building the AI-powered marketing technologies that will power the next generation of customer experiences,” said Sarah Sharp-Wangaard, VP of Marketing, Hibbett. New and enhanced Zeta Marketing Platform solutions include: Powering Enterprise Data Strategies with Connectivity, Efficiency, and Transparency With a CIO Clean Room: Zeta Clean Room provides a secure environment for sharing data, allowing you to safely tap into the power of partner data to expand your reach. Data Governance:New data governance controls such as enhanced metadata, intuitive data structuring, privacy safeguards, and advanced data normalization make it easier to nurture customer trust. Unified Connectivity:A holistic view of all your brand’s inbound data and outbound channels. With this comprehensive visibility, you can monitor data flows in real-time, measure the performance of each source and destination, and optimize your overall data strategy. Unmatched Intelligence and Generative AI That Provides Answers to Marketers’ Challenges Release of Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE):ZOE enables marketers to ask questions and receive real-time solutions. ZOE also generates content across many topics including user onboarding, product support, and reporting. Revenue Forecasting & Recommendations:Analyze vast amounts of data to forecast and identify revenue opportunities, visualize your campaign-related revenue and optimizations, and predict the potential impact of recommended actions. Marketing Mix Models:Forecast your media spend, enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence. This suite of tools includes Scenario Explorer (simulates the results of a specific channel mix), Automated Media Mix (optimizes media spending for revenue, clicks, or conversions), and Margin Optimizer (determines the ideal channel mix for new spend increments.) Customer Growth Intelligence App:Available via Snowflake’s Data Marketplace, event predictions help brands understand future trends on key metrics, such as conversions and site visits. Paired with signal data from Zeta’s Identity Graph, brands can proactively plan for predicted trends to optimize conversions and campaign outcomes. Omnichannel Media Activation Within the ZMP, To Wrap Around Your Existing Technology Media Activation Pro: Create personalized and continuous omnichannel media interactions. Enable simplified, intelligence-backed media and programmatic capabilities that seamlessly integrate into the customer journey. Monitor the performance of your programmatic campaigns in real time. Connect the dots between media touchpoints and desired outcomes with media attribution. Linear TV To Digital Attribution Optimization:Through Zeta’s partnerships with set-top box data providers, connect ad exposure data directly to your customer data, offline sales, or online web activity. The presentation of the latest Zeta Marketing Platform roadmap and innovations and all other Zeta Live sessions can be viewed on-demand here. All new solutions can also be found in the latest installment of ZetaVation, a digital magazine featuring Zeta’s products, solutions, and feature announcements, which can be found here.

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Doug Balut Assumes Senior VP Role in Global Alliances at Meltwater

Meltwater | November 06, 2023

Doug Balut has consecutively received the CRN Channel Chiefs Award in 2021, 2022, and 2023. He led global teams and forged partnerships with organizations such as SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Intel, among others. At Meltwater, Doug Balut will be crucial in growing the company and enhancing client satisfaction through partner programs and strategic relationships. Meltwater, which empowers companies with solutions spanning media, social, consumer, and sales intelligence, has announced the appointment of Doug Balut as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Partnerships. In this new position, Doug Balut will be cultivating a dynamic partner network, establishing a resilient channel sales structure, and formulating go-to-market strategies. These initiatives are all geared toward advancing the company's expansion, enhancing customer value, and reinforcing its standing as a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade solutions. Doug Balut possesses over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, with a strong background in building and leading strategic alliances, channel sales, and business development within the SaaS sector. Before this, he worked as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances at Sprinklr. During his tenure at Sprinklr, he was pivotal in establishing a partner organization and successfully implementing a growth-oriented methodology, culminating in Sprinklr's IPO in 2021. Before his time at Sprinklr, he held various leadership positions in sales, both in direct sales and indirect partner sales, at Cisco. He directed teams on a global scale and established collaborations with entities like SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Intel, among others. John Box, CEO of Meltwater, remarked I am thrilled to welcome Doug Balut to the Meltwater team as our new SVP of Alliances and Partnerships. He has a proven track record of driving revenue growth, expanding market reach, and creating value for customers and partners. [Source – Meltwater] John Box emphasized that Doug Balut will be pivotal in fortifying the company's partner ecosystem and expediting its worldwide expansion. He added that the company anticipates a fruitful collaboration with Doug Balut to provide clients with excellent media, social, and consumer intelligence solutions. Doug Balut expressed his enthusiasm upon joining Meltwater, expressing his profound excitement about the opportunity to establish a novel partner ecosystem in support of Meltwater's growth and enterprise transformation initiatives. He emphasized that the current moment is opportune for directing attention toward expanding large accounts on a global scale, marking the next phase in Meltwater's dynamic history. He acknowledged that partnerships serve as a driving force for this expansion and affirmed his readiness to construct an organizational framework and a network of influential partners to facilitate the attainment of these objectives.

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