Indico Data Announces Key Leadership Appointments

Indico Data | March 03, 2022

Leadership Appointments
On March 2, Indico Data, the unstructured data company, announced the appointment of Michael Young as the Vice President of Ecosystems and Alliances, and Brandi Corbello as the Vice President of Business Development.

Mr. Young is set to lead strategy, development, and field operations for Indico's global partner program. This will include global system integrators, technology alliances, and channel partners.

Through the strength of its technology and management team, Indico has become an established leader in AI and automation, helping enterprises gain competitive advantage by using unstructured data to inform key business decisions. I am eager for the opportunity to expand Indico's reach into new market segments and grow its market position through strategic partnership solutions that quickly drive value for our customers."

Michael Young as the Vice President of Ecosystems and Alliances

Ms. Corbello will be responsible for accelerating the company's global go-to-market. Her efforts will focus on customer expansion and retention, product feature enhancements and delivery improvements. Both executives will report to Chief Revenue Officer Bob More.

"Indico is a company that I deeply admire with a truly innovative and transformational product. I am excited to join this talented team, as I believe the company has a unique value proposition," said Corbello. "As a former user of the Indico Unstructured Data Platform, one thing that has always stood out to me is Indico's level of dedication to executing on its strategic objectives and providing customers with a competitive advantage. I am eager to share my direct experiences to help Indico build upon its strong foundation."

"We are thrilled to add Mike's expertise and experience to our alliances and partner initiatives," said Bob More, CRO of Indico Data. "During his time at Salesforce, Mike established a track record of success developing and executing ecosystem strategies that expanded market share and generated strong financial returns. We are confident in his vision for the Indico Data partner program and are looking forward to his contributions during our next phase of growth."

"Brandi's strong background in digital transformation and automation, combined with her expertise in business development, make her a valuable addition to our leadership team," added More. "Her work will enhance the value of our platform and allow us to develop a deeper understanding of how our customers can apply automation and AI technology to their unique unstructured data challenges."

With the addition of Mr. Young and Ms. Corbello, the Indico Data Executive Bench has been enriched and will add essential business and partner expertise when explosive market demand for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions is evident.


Predictive marketing can help solve marketer’s data challenges by helping to activate and execute data at speed, scale and in real time. It is imperative that today’s companies create compelling, differentiating customer experiences through marketing. Predictive marketing changes the game for marketers: it gives firms the ability to anticipate consumers’ needs and interests, and more importantly, their likely reactions to marketing messages.


Predictive marketing can help solve marketer’s data challenges by helping to activate and execute data at speed, scale and in real time. It is imperative that today’s companies create compelling, differentiating customer experiences through marketing. Predictive marketing changes the game for marketers: it gives firms the ability to anticipate consumers’ needs and interests, and more importantly, their likely reactions to marketing messages.

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