Grip Security launches first partner program to drive sales of their SaaS application protection

First Partner Program
Grip is looking to add partners who understand the differentiated value of their offering, and the uniqueness that it will provide to customers looking for improved SaaS security.

Grip Security, which makes a SaaS security solution that unifies discovery, access control and data governance, has announced the Grip Security Partner Program.

Grip emerged from stealth in April 2021 with a SaaS security solution designed to go beyond the limits of traditional CASBs, while at the same time making it easy to cover a large number of apps, overcoming a problem that exploded with the number of apps where many apps were simply not covered.

“The company has grown by 300% and has seen a 500% growth in engagements with Fortune 500 companies,” said Lior Yaari, Grip Security’s CEO.

“The company has grown by 300% and has seen a 500% growth in engagements with Fortune 500 companies,” said Lior Yaari, Grip Security’s CEO. “There has been a lot of change and a lot market change.”

Because SaaS is closely tied to identity, Grip made it a top priority to establish deep integrations with as many identity providers as possible. That phase has now been completed.

“We have extended our integration to almost every identity provider in the market today – almost a dozen,” Yaari said. “We are now looking at bringing joint offerings with large security vendors to market. Many of these joint integrations have been signed, but have not yet been announced, as we  are still building out joint value.”

Grip started out briefly selling direct in their proof of concept stage, but the pivot to the channel was in their plans, and that too has already taken place.

“We have a channel-focused Go-to-Market strategy,” Yaari stated. “14 is the number of partners that we have right now, and that is growing fast. Our third U.S. hire was our director of channel sales. This is a critical part of our strategy.”

The plan is for a fairly rapid channel expansion, not just to work with a small number of partners until they become successful.

“We aren’t looking to work with 10,000 partners, but we do want to find enough key partners,” Yaari indicated. “We are not looking for logos on the web site. We are looking for partners who want to work with us so that we can make each other successful, and where they can position themselves as a source of innovation with us.”

Insight is one of their initial partners.

“With Insight, we are not part of a special innovation program,” Yaari said. “They are an example of a partner that we have a good relationship with, who understand how to drive need and who knows that SaaS is becoming bigger.”

The problem many partners face is that since SaaS is relatively new, as they think organizations don’t have the right solutions to fix it, and they themselves lack the  right backdrop for channel sales to explain it to the customer.

“For the partner, they keys are understanding the problem space, understanding the market and the patching that is used today, and understanding how we are unique and the right questions to ask to get a meeting,” Yaari said.

The program begins with a single tier, but Yaari said that they intended to expand that as the program builds out further.

Simplicity is a dominant feature of the new program.

“Our product is very different from other security products,” said Young-Sae Song, Chief Marketing Officer at Grip. “It takes 10 minutes to install. It is simple enough to be demoed by a channel sales person. You don’t need a technical person with deep training to demo it.” Grip also supports partners with jointly funded programs to promote Grip, as well as co-branded sales materials.

Song said that because Grip isn’t heavy like most SaaS solutions, the channel can go to market very quickly with it.

“It is probably faster for them than any other enterprise security product,” he stated.

It also provides support for more than 20,000 SaaS applications, allows for 80% reduction in analyst workload, and has five times more SaaS application discovery compared to CASBs.


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Not all data is created equal. When it comes to leading impactful legal teams, legal ops professionals lead with data that enables them to make better business decisions. How do you lead with data? Design an effective data architecture and technology infrastructure that supports meaningful analytics and AI. Create flexibility in

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Trend Micro Drives New Era of Channel Prosperity and Engagement

PR Newswire | October 06, 2023

Global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) has announced a complete redesign to the company's worldwide partner program. This re-design will accelerate business growth for partners and allow them to further deliver exceptional value to end customers. Eva Chen, CEO at Trend: Our partners have been an indispensable part of our extraordinary journey spanning over three decades. We anticipate the achievements still to come as we continue to strategically align with our partners to safeguard the digital world. As we introduce a new era of the channel with this completely re-designed partner program, I am proud to announce our joint mission to enable partners to become the most resilient cybersecurity companions and guide our customers through their security lifecycle. The program is built around the Trend Vision One™ platform, creating opportunities for partners to deliver services and assessments for both enterprise and SMB-focused partners. Customers are facing increased risks as threat actors derive greater monetary value from criminal activities. As cybersecurity demand grows, the need for in-house skills to protect data, companies, brands, industries and governments grows as well. Partners can close this gap by delivering value via crucial services: MSSP, MSP, SOCaaS, XDR, Incident Response, and much more. To address this need, Trend is improving the ability for partners to offer assessments to customers, including Cyber Risk Assessments, new additions of External Attack Surface, Cloud Posture, and Azure AD Assessments. Over 800 partners have already leveraged Cyber Risk Assessment Services to complete 1,400+ customer assessments—and more new services are on the way. Anne Saunders, Global Director of Cybersecurity Partnerships at Capgemini: "Working alongside Trend has empowered us to deliver unmatched security and tremendous value to our customers. As we see growing complexity in the cybersecurity landscape, our partnership with Trend is a key element to our success in enabling business transformation. We're looking forward to giving more customers the tools they need to secure their organizations with confidence." As Trend and its partners have evolved together, so has another critical component: artificial intelligence, which enables partner analysts to understand the next threat alert, and the next opportunity for growth within customer accounts, further deepening a partner's value to their end customers. Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys: "Hybrid IT environments are growing in complexity, with managed security services serving as a major driver for the channel. At the same time, the channel is undergoing a shift towards cloud, services, marketplaces, incident response and consulting. It's great to see Trend Micro providing extensive support – including a well-balanced Partner Capability Model – that paves the way for partners to excel in managed services, by leveraging the power of generative AI." The Trend Partner Program will enable channel partners to: Embrace AIwith Trend Vision One generative AI capabilities, empowering SOC teams to accelerate daily workflows, enhancing their performance and productivity Increase profitabilitywith stacked benefits; from capabilities, deal participation and co-selling, marketplace competitive private offers and recognized partners' influenced revenue in services and consulting Expand serviceswith new competencies for partners to earn their technical and service validations in cloud security, professional services, managed security services, SOC, IR, and more Co-sell and generate more leadswith multiple lead gen tools and customer workshops, including co-branded risk assessments, cloud security for AWS and Azure workshops, online demo environments, marketplace incentive campaigns, and numerous co-sell and co-branded sales tools Experience immersive learningwith Trend Campus, which supports hybrid learning across three progressive tracks as well as in-depth 1:1 consultation for competency partners Leverage an integrated digital experienceacross partner locator, partner portal, mobile app, leads dashboard and cloud marketplaces The Trend Partner Program is built on the foundation of a thriving channel business comprising 147,000 profiled partners, more than half of whom took broader cybersecurity training in the past year. Deal registration has seen a significant increase, especially by co-selling partners, with 42% YoY growth in AWS CPPO partners and a 46% YoY increase in MSP partners selling XDR. Sean Barker, CEO at cloudEQ: "Organizations rely on us to address their business challenges and speed up their digital transformation while ensuring business continuity. Security is a shared responsibility and a critical element of the cloud migration journey, and we work alongside Trend to provide customers with proactive and automated cloud security. The latest iteration of Trend's partner program will further enable us to deepen our expertise and broaden our services to safeguard our customers' cloud applications." Trend continues to evolve and grow alongside partners, ensuring that joint customers remain protected while remaining profitable and extending partner opportunities. About Trend Micro Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro's cybersecurity platform protects hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints. As a leader in cloud and enterprise cybersecurity, the platform delivers a powerful range of advanced threat defense techniques optimized for environments like AWS, Microsoft, and Google, and central visibility for better, faster detection and response. With over 7,500 employees across 65 countries, Trend Micro enables organizations to simplify and secure their connected world.

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Insider announces Sirius AI™, the world's most comprehensive Generative AI solution for CX, making marketing teams 60% more productive

PR Newswire | September 29, 2023

Insider today announced the launch of Sirius AI™, the world's most comprehensive, patent-pending, Generative AI solution for customer experience that combines the power of large language models and machine learning—to make marketing teams 60% more productive and drive new levels of growth. With Sirius AI™ , marketers can build targeted segments in a fraction of the time, orchestrate connected customer journeys based on preferred outcomes in seconds, generate copy automatically, and enable two-way conversations on autopilot. Sirius AI™ solves marketers' biggest frustrations, which decelerates business growth and revenue. Sirius AI™ removes weeks of manual effort and eliminates guesswork at every level of customer experience creation. Being an industry leader in the marketing technology space requires us to develop industry-leading solutions that solve marketers' greatest challenges —before they even arise. I am thrilled to announce the launch of Sirius AI™ - the world's most comprehensive and end-to-end Generative AI solution for CX, said Hande Cilingir, Co-Founder & CEO at Insider. "For many brands, achieving true personalization - a totally unique experience per person - remains a challenge. This is largely caused by unmanageable workloads and manual effort required to launch programs. Our patent-pending Generative AI solutions are designed to make marketing teams more productive and efficient while helping them reach new levels of growth with high-performing customer experiences." Sirius AI™ helps marketers launch faster with supercharged productivity Sirius AI™ intelligently automates tasks such as segmentation, journey development, content creation, and optimization to achieve the desired outcome. This consolidated approach ensures the creation of seamless, safe, connected, high-performing experiences, significantly cutting down the time required to create, launch, test, and optimize marketing campaigns—from weeks or months to mere minutes. Create ready-to-use segments 30X faster with AI-powered segment creation Sirius AI™ helps brands build profitable audience segments for cross-channel customer experiences 30X faster. Segments are auto-generated with Generative AI based on the prompt given by the marketer. Marketers can input their use case and expected outcome to create profitable segments in seconds. The use cases can range from cross-selling, replenishment reminders, converting first-time buyers into repeat customers, or driving product discovery, while expected outcomes could include driving repeat purchases, generating higher CLTV, increasing AOV, and more. A simple prompt like "Show me an audience to maximize conversions and increase AOV" would produce a pre-populated segment based on complex rules and variables such as CLTV, likelihood to purchase, purchased products with higher AOV, and more. The outcome is a ready-to-use segment that can be saved and passed on to the journey orchestration step or used elsewhere. Remove the guesswork and create cross-channel customer journeys at the click of a button Sirius AI™ removes complexity, alleviating marketers of repetitive and manual work. Instead, journeys are auto-generated, powered by unified data, machine learning, and generative AI. These journeys are accurate and efficient while ensuring the delivery of the right message to the right user at the right time. Additionally, Sirius AI™ adds value to manual journey orchestrations by adding inputs like automatic starter elements and auto-complete journeys based on prompts to ensure the highest efficiency. For example, a marketer wants to promote a new product launch to VIP customers to ensure maximum product discovery and conversion. With Sirius AI™, all they need to do is draft a quick prompt, such as "Design a cross-channel journey for VIP customers for a launch to result in the highest product discovery and conversion". Sirius AI™ then looks at customer data and preferences to design a ready-to-use journey with the right starter element, wait time, and channel mix to help meet their objective. Generate compelling content that inspires action automatically Marketers can create click-worthy email subject lines and engaging campaign content for their campaigns, with a simple prompt like "generate a message to re-engage VIP users with an urgent tone". These messages are automatically customized to the channel and required outcome. Prompts can include information about use cases, CTAs, the use of emojis, and more. Crucially, marketers can also give instructions on tone of voice, and ensure that messages are within brand guidelines. Marketers can enter a prompt like "Craft a WhatsApp message for holiday promotions to create urgency" to receive an output that includes promotions with discounts valid for the next 24 hours with a provision to add dynamic content to make it even more personalized. Sirius AI™ also includes a content scoring capability for messages that are handcrafted, helping marketers understand the performance of their campaigns before launching. Marketers can leverage alternatives that are suggested by Sirius AI™ to improve the message quality. Sirius AI™ enables trustworthy, two-way conversations between brands and consumers Sirius AI™ closes the engagement loop with auto-generated conversations on WhatsApp and other channels like web and app. Powered by Open AI, Sirius AI™ bots can assume any persona based on a prompt that includes your branding guidelines to facilitate human-like conversations and align a brand's tone of voice. Sirius AI™ eliminates security risks by empowering you to tune the AI engine with knowledge limits to help the bot avoid questions on certain off-limits topics. Automated two-way conversations lead to a 100% response rate for customer-generated conversations. These conversations can even be followed up with a commerce flow, allowing consumers to complete a purchase without any redirects, and with the fewest clicks possible - consumers don't even need to leave the app. Sirius AI™ also includes additional AI-led features powered by machine learning, NLP, and predictive AI to make marketing zen. Other Sirius AI™ capabilities include: Image Auto-Generator: Reduce design dependency and create relevant visuals for campaigns with prompts. For example, marketers can use the prompt: "Need an image for new sneaker launch" to access relevant copyright-free images of sneakers that can be inserted into their campaigns. Content Scoring:Sirius AI™ automatically scores messages based on relevance and past performance stats, including alternate content recommendations. A low score means the copy might not be up to the mark and requires revision. AI-led Localization: Content translation for localization to generate multi-language messages in seconds for your global audience. Marketers can select the message that needs to be translated along with the language to generate a localized version of the message automatically. Send Time Optimization: Always reach the target audience at their preferred time to maximize engagement and open rates.Sirius AI™ knows the best time to reach a particular user for optimum engagement. Next-Best-Channel: Automatically choose the best channel to reach a specific set of audiences to hit a certain journey goal without guessing the best channel for the campaign. Sirius AI™ will empower marketers by freeing their time, efforts, and energies from low-impact, manual execution and supercharging their productivity. By putting customer experience creation on autopilot at every level, marketers will be able to focus their attention on building a love-brand, and delighting customers with relevant messages, useful recommendations, and safe use of their data through personalized experiences. Unlike other Generative AI solutions, Sirius AI™ offers automation, machine learning, and large language models at every level of customer experience creation, making it the world's most robust and comprehensive Generative AI solution for Customer Experience. About Insider Insider—a single platform for building individualized, cross-channel experiences—enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI intent engine, and build individualized customer experiences. Marketers use Insider's platform to deliver consistent and engaging experiences across Web, App, Web Push, Email, SMS, WhatsApp Commerce, and more. Having recently unlocked unicorn status, Insider was also congratulated by NASDAQ for becoming one of the only woman-founded, women-led B2B SaaS unicorns in the world. Insider was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines 2023, The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management 2021, and IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Front-Office Users 2021-22 Vendor Assessment. The company has been named the #6 Best Software Company in the world, according to G2's Fall'23 reports. Insider is also the #1 G2 Leader in 6+ categories, including Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Engines, Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Customer Journey Analytics, and eCommerce Personalization. CrunchBase recently ranked Insider's co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir as one of the top women CEOs outside the US. One-third of Fortune 500 companies and top brands across retail, automotive, and travel choose Insider to deliver AI-led personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations. Insider is trusted by over 1,200 global businesses, including Singapore Airlines, Estée Lauder, Virgin, Toyota, Adidas, IKEA, GAP, L'Oreal, Samsung, Vodafone, Allianz, Santander, BBVA, Pizza Hut, Newsweek, Coca-Cola, MediaMarkt, Nissan, AVIS, Lenovo, MAC, Marks & Spencer, Madeira Madeira, New Balance, Avon, Burger King and CNN.

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IFS Named Boomi's 2023 EMEA Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year Award Winner

PR Newswire | November 02, 2023

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that it has received the EMEA Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year Award from Boomi™, the intelligent connectivity and automation leader, at Boomi's 2023 EMEA Partner Summit. A Boomi partner program member since February 2020, IFS has helped mutual customers optimize critical business processes to unlock the power of intelligent connectivity and automation. IFS and Boomi have formed a strong partnership that provides businesses with a scalable, flexible, and intelligent platform. By combining their expertise, they offer IFS customers the ability to achieve greater efficiency, agility, and scalability from their investment. Partnering with Boomi, IFS customers can build integrations faster, reducing development time by weeks or months. Boomi provides a unified, cloud-native platform that seamlessly connects IFS Cloud with other services and SaaS applications. Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer, IFS, said,Boomi has been and continues to be a significant Global Technology Alliance for IFS, enabling us to deliver value to our customers. We prioritize our customers' freedom to select the best solutions that suit their needs. IFS Cloud seamlessly connects to Boomi's platform through open RESTful APIs, enabling customers to efficiently integrate best-of-breed applications and services. Pedersen continued, "Our partnership with Boomi offers customers a variety of choices for complex data integration, resulting in faster time-to-value. We're honored to have been recognized as their Partner of the Year and look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership." EMEA Partner Award winners received recognition during the 2023 Boomi EMEA Partner Summit held on October 30, 2023, in Lisbon, Portugal, which brought together Boomi partners from across the region to learn, network, and share best practices. "Our global partners offer a wide array of expertise, skills, resources, and technologies to ensure the success of our equally diverse customer base," said Dan McAllister, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels at Boomi. "As trusted advisers, strategic consultants, leaders, and innovators in IT and digital transformation, our partners solve problems and proactively implement Boomi's technology day in and day out. We're honored to recognize the work they accomplished this past year." About IFS IFS develops and delivers cloud enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Within our single platform, our industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that our customers can be their best when it really matters to their customers-at the Moment of Service™. The industry expertise of our people and of our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector. Our team of over 6,000 employees every day live our values of agility, trustworthiness and collaboration in how we support our 6,500+ customers. Learn more about how our enterprise software solutions can help your business today at

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