AZELLA Continues Strategic Partnership with Gladstone

AZELLA | January 27, 2022

Strategic Partnership
On January 26, AZELLA announced that it would continue its strategic partnership with Gladstone Wealth Partners. Azella is a digital marketing platform and service solution for financial services firms and investment advisors. It formed a partnership with Gladstone, a financial services firm and SEC Registered Investment Advisor, in 2021. They plan to enhance and expand their partnership in 2022.

Azella helps independent financial advisors quickly – and powerfully – brand and market their firms with innovative, effective design and hyper-relevant content so that they can easily connect with clients who need professional financial planning and investment management services. This enhanced strategic partnership will help Azella reach its ultimate goal of serving more than 10,000 advisors. My vision and mission for the business is to help families and individuals with financial literacy, and I'm doing that through empowering advisors. We're creating a tool that streamlines an entire industry, and I'm excited to see the impact.”

David Roberson Azella CEO and Founder 

"Gladstone and Azella agree that independent financial advisors make a big difference in the lives of their clients. Our affinity agreement is based on helping these firms do the most impactful work in the financial services industry. We are especially happy to become involved early on in the process as transitioning advisors and break-away teams consider their options in the independent financial advisor realm," he added. 

"It's been a pleasure working with David as he develops his team and begins to scale his product and offerings to better serve our advisors," said Kristopher Bonocore, President of Gladstone Wealth Partners. "Azella has done a wonderful job of supporting our organization by providing integral marketing and branding services to advisors in transition."
Azella was founded in July 2022 and works to solve the challenges that financial advisors operating during the pandemic face. Azella’s automated communications and scheduling solutions help them effectively converse with their clients while working remotely.

Gladstone Wealth Partners was founded in 2013 to help financial advisors reach their true potential when going independent. It provides tools like full-time compliance support, transition assistance, marketing assistance, human resources support, and administrative assistance to advisors to independently do business.


After a year that brought us supply chain issues, record inflation, labor shortages, and massive layoffs, 2023 could be another difficult year for our economy. But as we have seen from previous economic downturns, a recession can be an opportunity instead of a threat. After all, companies like Microsoft, Instagram, and Air BnB w


After a year that brought us supply chain issues, record inflation, labor shortages, and massive layoffs, 2023 could be another difficult year for our economy. But as we have seen from previous economic downturns, a recession can be an opportunity instead of a threat. After all, companies like Microsoft, Instagram, and Air BnB w

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Taradel Launches First Truly Omni-Channel Marketing Platform for SMBs, Brands

Taradel | November 18, 2022

Taradel LLC, a leading martech company serving thousands of businesses across the U.S. and Canada, today announced the launch of its new omni-channel marketing platform. The one-stop solution is designed to help advertisers easily create, manage, and measure local marketing campaigns integrated across today’s most popular media channels. “We’ve made it easy for brands to reach consumers in ways that are reflective of modern media trends and shopping preferences,” says Jim Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Taradel. “We’ve made it easy for brands to reach consumers in ways that are reflective of modern media trends and shopping preferences,” says Jim Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Taradel. “With our platform, there’s no need to manage fifteen disparate ad accounts or spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube. We’ve made omni-channel marketing as easy as ordering takeout—there is nothing like this available today.” The platform’s wizard-like interface enables users to plan and execute campaigns using the same databases that Fortune 500 companies rely on, but with a simplified and user-friendly experience. Features include audience targeting tools, customizable online design templates, flexible budgeting and delivery options, call tracking and QR codes, and built-in reporting to help advertisers measure and optimize ad performance. Media channel options include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Hulu, Google, email, and direct mail, all of which are configurable based on campaign-specific goals and budget considerations. In addition to serving thousands of SMB clients, Taradel’s platform has garnered attention from high-profile brands, franchisors, and organizations seeking to streamline local marketing solutions or enhance existing capabilities for members. “Our white label program has led to partnerships with dozens of brands including FedEx Office, Office Depot, Keller Williams Canada, and dozens of organizations that range from agencies to dental groups and QSR franchises,” says Wendy Urquhart, COO at Taradel. “Our platform drives traffic and sales at the store level, improves brand control, eliminates vendor redundancy, and helps organizations sell business products and services while monitoring marketing activity across the board.” For more information about Taradel or its omni-channel marketing platform, visit the Taradel website. About Taradel Founded in 2003 by serial entrepreneur, Jim Fitzgerald, Taradel® is a perennial Inc. 5000 martech company specializing in marketing solutions for business applications. To date, advertisers have deployed more than 500 million direct mail and digital advertisements using the company's platform.

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DTEX Systems Launches Enhanced Global Partner Program to Meet Increasing Worldwide Demand

DTEX Systems | December 08, 2022

DTEX Systems, the Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security Company, today announced the launch of the DTEX Systems Global Partner Program. The program enables referral partners, value-added resellers, consultants, and managed security services providers (MSSPs) with special pricing, marketing resources, and sales support to increase insider risk revenue and margins through endpoint upsell opportunities. Whether it’s supporting an insider threat management strategy, developing zero trust data loss prevention solutions, or protecting their remote workforce, the DTEX Global Partner Program is designed to multiply the value of a customer’s existing cybersecurity investment. The program empowers and supports partners through the integration of DTEX’s InTERCEPT and PULSE platforms with existing SIEM, SOAR, and EDR tools and access to its full portfolio of world-class consulting services. “The need for insider risk management has never been more acute or challenging for customers, with corporate visibility regressing as operations and employees become decentralized,” says Brian Stoner, Vice President of Worldwide Channel and Alliances of DTEX Systems. “Our goal is to achieve 100% channel participation on every deal. This investment further accelerates DTEX’s mission of helping organizations better understand the human element impacting their security risk posture to develop more effective and efficient insider threat management programs without infringing on employee privacy.” The opportunity to partner with DTEX is based on the innovative technology offered through DTEX Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security platforms: Next-Generation Insider Threat Solution—DTEX InTERCEPT provides correlation across all insider threat vectors providing superior visibility to any other insider threat solution available today. The DTEX approach has been validated by Gartner in its latest Market Guide for Insider Risk. Strategic relationship with MITRE—Under a non-exclusive licensing agreement, MITRE and DTEX will conduct collaborative research and deliver MITRE Inside-R Protect as a set of data-driven, community-oriented service offerings to help industry and government elevate their insider risk programs using behavioral sciences. Next Generation Zero Trust DLP—DTEX InTERCEPT for Zero Trust DLP protects sensitive data and IP from leaving an organization with multiple, highly accurate and dynamic enforcement capabilities. Data loss is prevented intelligently when a user’s behavioral risk score exceeds an organization’s threshold by blocking specific application processes and network connections that are not part of normal or approved workflows. DTEX Systems has 100 existing partners worldwide who will be participating in the new program including: Carahsoft Consortium CrowdStrike Deloitte Australia GuidePoint Security Optiv Splunk A top priority for the program includes helping partners move away from product/alert-focused security and towards understanding the risk of individuals. Through the program, DTEX’s industry-leading experts will provide the technical expertise needed to effectively analyze insider risk programs and design comprehensive solutions to meet customer goals and objectives. Striving to achieve 100% channel participation on every deal, partners will be rewarded with generous margins based on their level of involvement in pursuing new business. “A major factor in our decision to partner with DTEX was its ability to fill a significant void in the market that’s not currently addressed by any other security technology or vendors,” says Daniel Waters, Director of Cyber Strategy and Transformation at Optiv Security. “With the help of DTEX’s Workforce Cyber Intelligence and Security solution, we can achieve our overarching goals of informing, driving and elevating our customers’ insider risk capabilities in today’s increasingly complex and vulnerable world. As organizations and executives continue to underestimate the widespread impact of insider threats, we are excited to strengthen our partnership with DTEX to close significant cybersecurity knowledge gaps. The net client impact is simple, our partnership drives modernized program-driven capabilities and material risk-return beyond traditional insider threat paradigms, into a cross-organizational value chain that also protects investments, brand, reputation, and the ability to attract talent.” “DTEX’s impressive network of technology alliances and integrations presented a significant value-add to Consortium Networks,” says Larry Pfeifer, Founder and Chief Disrupter of Consortium Networks. “DTEX’s impressive network of technology alliances and integrations presented a significant value-add to Consortium Networks,” says Larry Pfeifer, Founder and Chief Disrupter of Consortium Networks. “Through this partnership, our customers can seamlessly deploy DTEX InTERCEPT Zero Trust DLP capabilities within the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to gain real-time, contextual visibility into human activity and data usage telemetry.” The unveiling of this program comes on the heels of the official launch of DTEX’s new Global Partner Portal. To learn more about joining DTEX’s global partner ecosystem, please visit: About DTEX Systems DTEX Systems helps hundreds of organizations worldwide better understand their workforce, protect their data, and make human-centric operational investments. Its Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security platform brings together next-generation DLP, UEBA, digital forensics, user activity monitoring and insider threat management in one scalable, cloud-native platform. Through its patented and privacy-compliant meta-data collection and analytics engine, the DTEX platform surfaces abnormal behavioral ‘indicators of intent’ to mitigate risk of data and IP loss, enabling SOC enrichment with human sensors and empowering enterprises to make smarter business decisions quickly. To learn more about DTEX Systems, please visit

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Redis Introduces Upgraded Global Partner Program

Redis | January 27, 2023

One of the leading real-time data platforms, Redis, recently announced global partner program enhancements for customers to enable a growing ecosystem of distributors and consultancies to build, deploy, and run real-time applications with Redis Enterprise. The evolution and expansion of the Redis Partner Program is a key part of the company's strategy to give companies all the tools and support they need to do well in any customer technology environment and improve their bottom line. Redis Enterprise's deployment options range from on-premises to fully managed AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure services. These options are based on the ease of use and sub-millisecond performance of the most popular NoSQL database. Further, it enables companies to architect applications' real-time data processing requirements with a cloud-native approach irrespective of where they are in their transformation journey. The upgraded Redis channel partner program now has new financial compensation programs, technical support and marketing resources, and the customer projects and services will have greater access. Ultimately, the program will make it easier for Redis partners and customers to work together, creating a strong community of application developers. Key new features of the program include an improved tiering system to simplify the path to revenue for Redis partners, optimized partner enablement for community and enterprises, and expanded partner benefits to help drive awareness among Redis, its partners, and their joint markets at marque events around the globe. Vice President of Global Partnerships at Redis, Ash Vijay, said, "As companies transform their applications with cloud, hybrid, and microservices-driven architectures, they need real-time data services. Redis Enterprise uniquely delivers the geo-distribution, performance, and scalability required by these applications." He also said, "We're growing the Redis Partner Program to enable customers to fully leverage the power of the Redis Enterprise platform in combination with the complete set of capabilities our partners provide, from custom solutions to professional implementation services." (Source: Business Wire) About Redis Redis Headquartered in Mountain View (California), Redis is a data backbone provider to increase the speed of the apps for real-time processing. The company is behind Open-Source, the world's famous in-memory database and commercial provider. It powers real-time services for more than 8000 organizations worldwide. It builds upon the unique simplicity and speed of Open-Source Redis. It is an enterprise-grade data platform that provides the toughness of modern data models, automation, management, performance, and resiliency to deploy and run modern applications at any scale from anywhere.

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