AppDirect Announces Its Selection as an Exclusive Partner of StrataCore

AppDirect | January 17, 2023 | Read time : 01:43 min

AppDirect, the world's leading commercial platform for B2B subscriptions, recently announced its selection as StrataCore's exclusive partner.

StrataCore is a leading technology advisor specializing in cloud, security, connectivity, and data services. This partnership will support the company's future growth.

StrataCore chose AppDirect as its strategic partner based on the marketplace's extensive catalog of telecom, SaaS, energy, and other products available to advisors from more than 600 providers. In addition, the providers are all backed by industry-leading integration and back-office support. As a result, StrataCore can significantly expand its client offerings and enhance the client's experience.

StrataCore will use AppDirect's newly-launched account management service. Additionally, the company partnered through AppDirect with the AppDirect Capital Invest program to diversify its business, stimulate growth through upfront capital, and retain advisor ownership and control of the enterprise.

"We're thrilled that StrataCore is partnering with us to power their business transformation trajectory. AppDirect offers a unique and unparalleled combination of benefits for advisors, and we're delighted that StrataCore will leverage our Invest program as a vehicle to solve some of their toughest business problems. The innovation, growth, and diverse portfolio resulting from this partnership will enable StrataCore to serve its clients even better," said Renee Bergeron, Chief Operating Officer at AppDirect."

(Source: Business Wire)

About AppDirect

AppDirect is a leading subscription commerce provider founded in 2009 in San Francisco (California). The company offers a commerce platform that facilitates the creation of a recurring business model. It has streamlined its services to sell products through any channel on any device. AppDirect also powers AppSmart, a B2B technology platform and ecosystem connecting technology buyers with expert advisors to simplify the sale, purchase, and administration of telecommunications, cloud, and other crucial business services. AppDirect is used by many well-known companies, including Microsoft, Google, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, Jaguar Land Rover, ADP, and many more.


Legal and security departments share the common goal of protecting an organization from harm. But, while both work to ensure security and compliance, the respective teams play distinct roles in achieving these goals. Through close collaboration and communication, each team can help the other optimize security and compliance thro


Legal and security departments share the common goal of protecting an organization from harm. But, while both work to ensure security and compliance, the respective teams play distinct roles in achieving these goals. Through close collaboration and communication, each team can help the other optimize security and compliance thro

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Sevco Security Introduces Sevco 5-Star Partner Program

Sevco Security | March 02, 2023

On March 1, 2023, Sevco Security, the provider of a cloud-native CAASM platform that maintains the most precise and up-to-date IT asset inventory in the industry, announced the introduction of the Sevco 5-Star Partner Program. This self-service initiative allows managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to ensure that their clients can access real-time, highly accurate IT asset inventories, which are crucial for implementing effective security measures. The program has launched with over 20 partners, including Solutions II, Solis, and RFA. Sevco Security's new partner program features cybersecurity asset attack management (CAASM) technology, which provides partners with real-time asset intelligence to help clients detect and address security vulnerabilities. The program also includes an elastic, consumption-based pricing model and dedicated support for service providers and MSSPs. Sevco's 5-Star Partner Program offers a streamlined approach for service providers to enhance their growth and profitability within Sevco's extensive ecosystem. The program includes a specialized engineering team for MSPs and MSSPs. It provides pricing flexibility based on monthly usage, enabling service providers to boost their margins while delivering extra value to their clients. In addition, the platform effortlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure at scale, empowering service providers to enhance SOC efficiency and deliver superior protection against threats to their customers. Under the program, service providers can utilize the Sevco platform to verify that security measures implemented across their customer base comply with industry regulations and stringent cybersecurity insurance policy standards. This enables organizations to reduce premiums and prevent claims being denied due to non-compliance with "failure to follow" clauses. About Sevco Security Sevco Security is a leading global provider of security solutions, offering a wide range of services to help businesses protect their employees, assets, and customers. The company was founded to provide innovative and reliable security solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses across various industries. Its services include physical security, cybersecurity, surveillance, access control, and risk management. The company uses cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to deliver tailored security solutions designed to meet each client's specific needs. The company has a team of highly trained security professionals who have extensive experience in various security fields. Sevco Security's team works closely with clients to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, develop customized security plans, and implement security measures that mitigate risks and protect assets.

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One of the leading providers of MLOps platform Domino Data Lab recently introduced its dynamic new offerings in its rapidly expanding partner program. Training, new accreditations and validated ecosystem integrations will enable Domino's partners to expand the utility of its platform. In addition, compared to other industry-leading data science ecosystem technologies, new solutions are built on Domino to accelerate data science innovation at scale. Two new Domino partner accreditation programs, which are a part of Domino University, are designed to enable implementation and consulting partners. Additionally, solution partners assist clients and customers in quickly to start realizing enterprise value from their data science investment through the following: The Domino Data Science Practitioner Accreditation's focus is on training the practitioners of data science on proven ways to create data science and machine learning projects on Domino more easily from scratch. The Domino App Administration Accreditation concentrates on training Domino administrators identified by data science and IT teams in best practices for managing the installed Domino platform as a hub of innovation. The foundation of Domino's partner-first services model, these robust new programs train consultants to quickly get their clients up to speed. Solutions partners can also build intuitive custom offerings on Domino's platform. These offerings will be geared towards specific vertical use cases, such as Accenture's IntientTM Clinical solutions, Moody's Analytics' CAPTM financial services solution, Biorankings' Virtual Biostatistics Core solution for companies of life science, and others. Thomas Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at Domino Data Lab, said, "As Domino continues to blaze new trails in the data science platform market, scaling through partners is a critical part of our strategy." He also said, "These new partner offerings expedite customer time to value from data science investments and augment solution partners' ability to build differentiated, best-in-class solutions tailored to their respective industries." (Source: Cision) About Domino Data Lab Domino Data Lab Founded in 2013, Domino Data Lab powers the model-driven enterprises for the world's most advanced businesses, which includes 20% of the 100 Fortune's fastest-growing companies. The company's MLOps platform accelerates the development and deployment of data science work to scale data science into a competitive advantage while increasing governance and collaboration. Its platform allows thousands of data scientists to develop better medicines, adapt risk models to major economic drafts, grow more productive corps, build better cars, improve customer service, or recommend when the best time is to purchase.

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