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AIM and Advisors Excel Announce Strategic Partnership

Advisors Internet Marketing | January 17, 2022

Strategic Partnership
Advisors Internet Marketing, the first fully digital-based financial marketing organization, specializing in helping independent financial advisors grow highly profitable location-independent businesses, entered into a strategic relationship with Advisors Excel. Advisors Excel is an industry leader that has redefined the role of a marketing organization in supporting independent financial advisors.

AIM is the first to provide digital client acquisition services in the industry with just an internet connection and a cell phone. This effectively enables advisors to operate "virtual" businesses. AIM helps advisors bypass all traditional client acquisition methods, which eliminates their need to have a brick-and-mortar office, large staff, or any kind of in-person meeting with clients and prospects.

The pandemic has forever changed the way advisors attract, serve, and retain clients, and our industry will never be the same."

Jovan Will, Co-Founder of AIM

AIM's comprehensively integrated value offering ensures that advisors aren't burdened with the typically time-consuming and outdated traditional marketing efforts. Some of their features include:

Done-for-you digital marketing – A feature that generates qualified annuity leads and scheduled appointments, 100% turnkey and entirely automated by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced predictive targeting.

Virtual client acquisition training – This feature is curated to effectively enable advisors to close new business while also delivering massive value to clients without having the need for in-person meetings.

Advanced annuity strategy – Focuses on ensuring that advisors gain an edge over their competition. This is done by providing the advisors with insider access to income planning and case design strategies. 

Best-in-business annuity contracting – Provides advisors access to the best-in-class annuity contracts that range across top-rated carriers and proprietary product offers which otherwise unavailable to most advisors.

Advisors Excel Co-Founder, Cody Foster shared, "We chose to support AIM because they have a similar business philosophy and value system as Advisors Excel. Like us, they do everything they can to help grow their independent financial advisor's business and take it to the next level."

With this partnership, AIM will efficiently continue to redefine the rules of success for the modern  independent advisor.


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Checking your list twice for the holiday shopping season is probably the last thing on your mind—that is, unless you’re a marketer. We know it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit when you’ve got campaigns to plan, so we assembled the Braze Holiday Inspiration Guide, a collection of case studies that will help you ef

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Syxsense Partners with MicroAge to Help Enterprise Clients Identify and Remediate Endpoint Vulnerabilities and Threats in Real-Time

Businesswire | August 23, 2023

Syxsense, a global leader in Unified Security and Endpoint Management (USEM) solutions, today announced a new strategic channel partnership withMicroAge, a full-service solutions integrator. The new channel relationship will further expand the reach of Syxsense’s Unified Security and Endpoint Management (USEM) solutions – which includeSyxsense Manage,Syxsense Secure, andSyxsense Enterprise– nationally. “As we continue to expand our channel program, we’re pleased to have found a partner like MicroAge who is as passionate as we are about helping enterprise clients overcome the increasing challenges associated with security and endpoint management,” said Jose Rangel, Vice President of Global Channels at Syxsense. “MicroAge is uniquely positioned within the enterprise market and will help us reach important markets nationwide. They will also help us sustain the success we’ve built over the last three quarters as we continue to provide innovative, unified security and endpoint management solutions to clients through the channel." MicroAge will offer all Syxsense solutions, including the products offering robust automation via Syxsense Cortex™ and Zero Trust capabilities. Together, they are helping enterprise clients better identify and quickly remediate endpoint vulnerabilities. Syxsense will provide support through sales, technical training, and co-marketing throughout the entire sales lifecycle. "Syxsense is making waves in the unified security and endpoint management space because they’ve delivered what our clients have been asking for – a centralized solution that allows them to secure and manage all endpoints easily,” said Larry Fulop, Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Technology for MicroAge. “When we combine that solution with our team’s market knowledge, clients can feel confident that we’re helping them optimize costs, reduce resource burdens, and most importantly, be more secure.” Learn more about Syxsense Partner Program: About Syxsense Syxsense is a leading software vendor providing endpoint security and IT operations management solutions to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), enterprises, and government organizations. Its solutions provide real-time visibility and control over endpoint devices, networks, and cloud infrastructure, helping organizations to protect against cyber threats, improve IT operations, and reduce risk. Syxsense is the first Unified Security and Endpoint Management (USEM) platform that centralizes the three key elements of endpoint security management: security and patch vulnerability management, remediation, and compliance controlled by a powerful drag-and-drop workflow automation technology called Syxsense Cortex™. Syxsense is a single cloud-based platform supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile devices on-premises and in the cloud. For more information, visit About MicroAge MicroAge combines a powerful mix of technology services, backed by vendor-certified engineers and an acclaimed panel of experts to deliver the competitive edge technology leaders need to lead in a disruptive, digital environment. A Gold-Certified Microsoft partner, MicroAge is recognized annually by the Computer Reseller News (CRN) in the Tech Elite 250, Solution Provider 500, and MSP 500—Elite 150 Category lists of top-performing technology integrators, strategic service providers, and IT consultants. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, MicroAge has a rapidly expanding national salesforce to support growing demand. To learn more, visit

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SproutLoud Introduces Support for Brands with Complex Multi-Tier Distribution Channels

CMSWire | July 13, 2023

SproutLoud, the leading provider of distributed marketing solutions, today announced that it has expanded its support for multi-tier distribution channels. This new set of features allow brands to extend their marketing and sales enablement tools to more parties at different levels of the distribution chain, giving them greater control over their marketing efforts and enabling them to build stronger relationships with their end customers. “Nothing exists on the market today that allows brands to jointly collaborate with multi-tiered partners, who often have their own networks of dealers, contractors and employees, in order to extend channel partner marketing efforts. Legacy distributed marketing systems often treat each brand and their channel partners as two-party siloed relationships, when in reality a distribution ecosystem may be multi-tiered and far more complex, requiring joint go-to-market collaboration with far more than just two parties,” said SproutLoud CEO Jared Shusterman. “SproutLoud’s focus on the vertical integration of multi-tier distribution models means extending marketing and sales enablement tools holistically through the channel. And SproutLoud is the first and only distributed marketing platform to recognize and build for this.” SproutLoud’s multi-tier distribution support includes features that make it easy for brands to manage marketing efforts across multiple channels. These features provide the following benefits: Multi-tier support for distributed marketing means brands can expose their tools to more parties at different levels of the distribution chain. With multi-tier support, brands can build relationships with the frontline employees and channel partners, who otherwise may not be known to them, and influence the actions of the parties who are closest to servicing the consumer. Multi-tier support gives brands more control over funding, branding and messaging workflows allowing all parties to synchronize and integrate their message to the end consumer. SproutLoud’s multi-tier distribution support is available now to all SproutLoud customers. To learn more, visit About SproutLoud SproutLoud is a leading SaaS-based Through Channel Marketing Automation platform, designed to increase brand sales through channel partners, distributors, and customer-facing employees in local markets. SproutLoud’s intuitive distributed marketing platform makes it simple to launch brand-compliant, sophisticated, omni-channel marketing campaigns quickly and easily. SproutLoud gives brands unparalleled visibility on ROI for individual tactics, campaigns, promotions, partner engagement, and platform usage. With SproutLoud, brands have the advantage of responding rapidly to changing market conditions with data-driven decisions.

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Impartner Revolutionizes Co-Selling Referral Programs with Innovative Referral Management Tool for Powering B2B Influencer Marketing

PR Newswire | August 02, 2023

Impartner, the fastest-growing and most award-winning provider of ecosystem and partner management technologies, today announced a powerful Partner Referral solution with new, revolutionary Referral Links generation for personalizing referrals from disparate sources. This cutting-edge B2B influencer marketing technology will unlock infinite go-to-market selling strategies for reseller networks across all industries. "As companies strive to engage consumers at every touchpoint along the purchase journey and from every angle, we anticipate an immeasurable potential for this solution – especially as we move toward a cookieless future," said Dave R Taylor, CMO of Impartner. "We are eager to see how businesses leverage our technology to drive growth and achieve remarkable results in the dynamic ecosystem of influencer marketing." How it works: Personalized Links:Each influencing partner gets a unique link assigned to them which will lead to an automatically co-branded landing page, whose contents are controlled centrally by the vendor. DeepTracking:Any end user arriving to the customized landing page and completing the lead generating form will be tracked based on the source link, giving credit to the influencing partner. Progress Visibility:The lead data submitted from the custom landing page is synched into the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system, generating a lead for the vendor to follow up on, while also automatically tracking the referral for the partner.This gives both partners and vendors visibility into the progress of the deal, further driving partner co-selling and marketing at scale. The incorporation of this feature empowers B2B marketing and sales leaders to tap into the lucrative $21.1 billion global influencer market, enabling them to both meet their buyers where they are and incentivize their partner reseller economy. Today, word-of-mouth marketing has emerged as the most valuable growth tactic of the decade. The phrases "link in bio" and "click below" have become drivers of trackable revenue for the influencer economy across social media platforms, blog outlets and pay-to-play news publications. This exponential growth in investment indicates that the word-of-mouth economy is here to stay, providing limitless opportunities for influence and growth. "We are witnessing a significant shift in B2B partnerships, with players engaging in link backs, co-branding initiatives and joint paid media campaigns," said Gary Sabin, Vice President of Product at Impartner. "Recognizing the sustained momentum behind these co-selling motions, we anticipated the need for a more effective way to propel B2B companies into the referral and affiliate economy, enabling them to thrive and prosper from it. With these latest enhancements, B2B businesses have the tools to capitalize on this growing trend and unlock the full potential of the influencer economy." Before, B2B businesses were tied to the traditional method of submitting referrals as a partner. Now, Impartner gives B2B influencers like affiliate partners, referral partners or hybrid partners the capability to utilize personalized URL links across any online platform. The door to growth is now wider than ever with Impartner enabling B2B companies a way to bring any partner type into their ecosystem and incentivize them to deliver new business in a way that meets modern marketing and existing business workflows. For more information on this referral URL enhancement to the Partner Referral Programs, visit About Impartner Impartner is the fastest-growing, most award-winning provider of partner management technologies, including its flagship Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation solutions, which help companies worldwide manage their partner relationships, drive demand through partners and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. For more information on Impartner, which is based in Utah's tech hotbed, the Silicon Slopes, visit

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