AIM and Advisors Excel Announce Strategic Partnership

Advisors Internet Marketing | January 17, 2022

Strategic Partnership
Advisors Internet Marketing, the first fully digital-based financial marketing organization, specializing in helping independent financial advisors grow highly profitable location-independent businesses, entered into a strategic relationship with Advisors Excel. Advisors Excel is an industry leader that has redefined the role of a marketing organization in supporting independent financial advisors.

AIM is the first to provide digital client acquisition services in the industry with just an internet connection and a cell phone. This effectively enables advisors to operate "virtual" businesses. AIM helps advisors bypass all traditional client acquisition methods, which eliminates their need to have a brick-and-mortar office, large staff, or any kind of in-person meeting with clients and prospects.

The pandemic has forever changed the way advisors attract, serve, and retain clients, and our industry will never be the same."

Jovan Will, Co-Founder of AIM

AIM's comprehensively integrated value offering ensures that advisors aren't burdened with the typically time-consuming and outdated traditional marketing efforts. Some of their features include:

Done-for-you digital marketing – A feature that generates qualified annuity leads and scheduled appointments, 100% turnkey and entirely automated by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced predictive targeting.

Virtual client acquisition training – This feature is curated to effectively enable advisors to close new business while also delivering massive value to clients without having the need for in-person meetings.

Advanced annuity strategy – Focuses on ensuring that advisors gain an edge over their competition. This is done by providing the advisors with insider access to income planning and case design strategies. 

Best-in-business annuity contracting – Provides advisors access to the best-in-class annuity contracts that range across top-rated carriers and proprietary product offers which otherwise unavailable to most advisors.

Advisors Excel Co-Founder, Cody Foster shared, "We chose to support AIM because they have a similar business philosophy and value system as Advisors Excel. Like us, they do everything they can to help grow their independent financial advisor's business and take it to the next level."

With this partnership, AIM will efficiently continue to redefine the rules of success for the modern  independent advisor.


To stay ahead of the competition, many retailers are making investments to upgrade their digital advertisements, personalization tactics and overall loyalty programs. But how can you determine if these initiatives are driving sufficient ROI? This report explores how business experimentation can enhance your ability to measure a


To stay ahead of the competition, many retailers are making investments to upgrade their digital advertisements, personalization tactics and overall loyalty programs. But how can you determine if these initiatives are driving sufficient ROI? This report explores how business experimentation can enhance your ability to measure a

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eschbach, Novaspect | February 08, 2023

On February 07, 2023, eschbach, a software development company, announced a channel partnership with Novaspect, an industrial automation company, to add more services for its growing customers in North America. This partnership will allow Novaspect to work with eschbach development team with a mutual cloud infrastructure backed through eschbach security in its Shiftconnector platform's new projects. It's Shiftconnector®, a digital platform that supports process manufacturing and helps shift workers track compliance, safety, and performance, through sharing knowledge. It leads to collaboration and complete transparency and creates an easily accessible information platform from anywhere on the globe. Novaspect is a provider of local resources and technical expertise, filling communication gaps between workers and machines. Founder and CEO of eschbach, Andreas Eschbach, said, "eschbach is excited to be developing a rich partnership with Novaspect to help drive our growth in the North American market." He added, "eschbach has been supporting the process industry for nearly 20 years. Our customers appreciate that we continuously enhance Shiftconnector to meet their changing needs, as well as find exceptional solutions partner, like Novaspect, to increase access to a digital solution like Shiftconnector that will increase plant safety, efficiency, and resilience." (Source - Accesswire) Novaspect’s Vice President, Digital Transformation, Jon Hall, said, "We are pleased to be partnered with the eschbach team and serve as a Shiftconnector Solution Partner. Shiftconnector is a foundational enabler for digital transformation, addressing an unlimited number of use cases in a typical manufacturing plant. Shiftconnector solutions directly support our primary goal of partnering with clients to help them achieve new levels of performance by removing inefficiencies, connecting teams, and transforming data into actionable insights." (Source - Accesswire) About eschbach eschbach, a global software developer, has been dedicated to enhancing interactive management, transparent communication, and business intelligence since 2005. Its headquarters are in Bad Saeckingen, BW, and it is developing and updating the Shiftconnector digital platform, which assists production and supplier manufacturers worldwide, as well as modules such as io. Performance and ShiftconnectorGo.It specializes in Shiftconnector® interactive shift log, shift communication, documentation, operational logging software, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, PaaS, SaaS, OEE, and io. Equipment, and io.Performance. About Novaspect Novaspect is an employee-owned company offering an Employee Stock Ownership Program and is an Impact Partner of Emerson Automation Solutions. Through innovation in technology and industrial automation, it has been improving customer performance since 1936. Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, it is engineering, selling, and servicing industrial process controls, automated control systems and valves. It builds customer relationships, creates effective processes, and delivers local services with the best technologies. It offers services regarding process control, valve repair industries and local service over the upper Midwest.

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Binary Defense Launches an Enhanced Shield Partner Program for Channel Partners

Binary Defense | January 18, 2023

Binary Defense, a top Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Enterprise level-security provider, recently announced the launch of an Enhanced Shield Partner Program for all channel partners. The "shield" in the logo and the program represents the protection of clients from cyberattacks. The Enhanced Partner Program is designed to boost growth and increase engagement for all the partners in the ecosystem. It offers tools and training for best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to clients. In addition, it also provides value-added resellers, marketing resources, system integrators, and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The program includes marketing tools, pricing incentives, sales support, and after-sales assistance to increase sales and margins. Binary Defense onboarded a new executive team and Channel Sales Vice President in Q3 2022. The new Binary Defense team had over 50 years of industry experience. After this change, Invictus Growth Partners ("Invictus") led the company's first institutional growth equity funding in Q4. This investment expands the partner ecosystem, improves machine learning, creates a world-class Managed Detection and Response through an Open XDR strategy, and accelerates sales and marketing. The focus of the Shield Partner Program is on enabling the availability of the partners, which includes training and supporting documents to assist the partners in the whole process of selling to a client. Another key focus is on demand generation, which is provided via a variety of sales play that improves customer engagement, boost deal registration incentives, and help build the sales pipeline. Clients of Binary Defense can use this partner support in addition to premium 24/7 after-sales assistance and resources. Additionally, the Partner Program includes enhancements to the Binary Defense Partner Portal, which is part of the Shield Partner Program. It makes it easy for the partners to register deals, locate improved training modules, and gain access to tools that facilitate expansion and foster loyal relationships with customers within the portal. Valued partner and Vice President of Security Services at Vancord Cybersecurity Jason Pufahl said, "The partnership with Binary Defense has been invaluable. It really provides an extension of our team during an incident and provides 24/7 coverage, which is a huge comfort for our clients. And they have highly trained analysts that we can communicate with as peers and get quality information." (Source: Cision) About Binary Defense Binary Defense industry's top cybersecurity expert, Binary Defense, was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters in Stow, Ohio. The company is an MDR provider and a software developer that employs an open XDR approach to monitor endpoints, clouds, networks, and other log sources to provide high-fidelity threat detection with services like Attack Surface Management, Incident Response, and Digital Risk Protection. The company also provides a full suite of enterprise security options. Binary Defense demonstrates superior capabilities in detecting intruder activity, and the combination of rapid detection with expert analysis and response reduces the cyber risk for businesses.

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Remerge’s Agency Activators Program Helps Improve Monetization from Ads in Mobile Apps

Remerge | December 28, 2022

Programmatic in-app advertising for buying and selling ad areas in mobile apps helps target specific audiences and track the effectiveness of ad campaigns in real-time. This is essential for advertisers to ensure the success of their campaigns. In this space, Remerge, a global player in mobile re-engagement campaigns, has launched Agency Activators, a partnership program aimed at helping media and brand agencies become leaders in the programmatic in-app advertising market. Members will be able to take part in workshops and learn how Remerge's technology works so that they can help their clients' app sales grow. Right from bringing back dormant users to sending reminders to users for completing actions on the mobile apps, these actions form an integral part of re-engagement campaign strategies for advertisers. Creating re-engagement campaigns based on what users have done in the past helps bring back customers and do more business with them. The Remerge Agency Activators program is a program designed to help agencies grow their businesses by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. Through this program, agencies can access a range of resources, including marketing and training materials, a dedicated account manager, and access to Remerge's advanced ad technology. The goal of the program is to help agencies drive more revenue, improve their efficiency, and scale their operations. By joining the Remerge Agency Activators program, agencies can take advantage of the latest ad technologies and tools, as well as receive support and guidance from the Remerge team to help them achieve their business goals. The first agencies to join the program include M&C Saatchi Performance, Headlight, Phiture, Lemmonet, WITHIN, Publicis' Spark Foundry, and growth transformation partner Winclap. The program will start out in the Americas, but there are plans to bring it to Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as well. Recent market developments have made it harder for mobile businesses to find their way in the programmatic advertising industry and make informed decisions about where to allocate budget to grow revenues. App marketing is a rapidly evolving concept, and our clients need partners who know how to unlock its potential. The expert support, resources, and benefits we get from Remerge’s agency partnership program ensure we can deliver results for our clients.” Adrienne Rice, Director of Media Investment, M&C Saatchi Performance About Remerge Remerge helps app businesses achieve their most fundamental goals: grow, boost revenue, and encourage user loyalty. Its strategy covers user data analysis, creative execution, calculation of the campaign’s incremental value, and continuous optimization. It improves the science of app marketing by coming up with new ways to do things and talking about them openly. Since 2014, it has contributed to the growth of hundreds of apps across all major verticals, including gaming, delivery, e-commerce, and travel. Its international team of specialists works closely with its clients to create high-performing campaigns with the help of new ideas and a strong infrastructure for information.

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