AIM and Advisors Excel Announce Strategic Partnership

Advisors Internet Marketing | January 17, 2022

Strategic Partnership
Advisors Internet Marketing, the first fully digital-based financial marketing organization, specializing in helping independent financial advisors grow highly profitable location-independent businesses, entered into a strategic relationship with Advisors Excel. Advisors Excel is an industry leader that has redefined the role of a marketing organization in supporting independent financial advisors.

AIM is the first to provide digital client acquisition services in the industry with just an internet connection and a cell phone. This effectively enables advisors to operate "virtual" businesses. AIM helps advisors bypass all traditional client acquisition methods, which eliminates their need to have a brick-and-mortar office, large staff, or any kind of in-person meeting with clients and prospects.

The pandemic has forever changed the way advisors attract, serve, and retain clients, and our industry will never be the same."

Jovan Will, Co-Founder of AIM

AIM's comprehensively integrated value offering ensures that advisors aren't burdened with the typically time-consuming and outdated traditional marketing efforts. Some of their features include:

Done-for-you digital marketing – A feature that generates qualified annuity leads and scheduled appointments, 100% turnkey and entirely automated by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced predictive targeting.

Virtual client acquisition training – This feature is curated to effectively enable advisors to close new business while also delivering massive value to clients without having the need for in-person meetings.

Advanced annuity strategy – Focuses on ensuring that advisors gain an edge over their competition. This is done by providing the advisors with insider access to income planning and case design strategies. 

Best-in-business annuity contracting – Provides advisors access to the best-in-class annuity contracts that range across top-rated carriers and proprietary product offers which otherwise unavailable to most advisors.

Advisors Excel Co-Founder, Cody Foster shared, "We chose to support AIM because they have a similar business philosophy and value system as Advisors Excel. Like us, they do everything they can to help grow their independent financial advisor's business and take it to the next level."

With this partnership, AIM will efficiently continue to redefine the rules of success for the modern  independent advisor.


This e-book takes you through the history of Google updates, from Caffeine to Hummingbird, while helping you discover what matters to Google and your shoppers.


This e-book takes you through the history of Google updates, from Caffeine to Hummingbird, while helping you discover what matters to Google and your shoppers.

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Bridgepoint Acquires Team ITG from Equistone

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To accelerate its global growth, Bridgepoint has acquired a majority stake in Inspired Thinking Group (Team ITG) from Equistone Partners Europe (Equistone), the previous shareholder, for an undisclosed sum. The current Bridgepoint management team will deliver the next phase of Team ITG’s international development through this acquisition. It focuses on U.S growth in marketing services and cloud-based marketing technology. Team ITG is headquartered in Birmingham, UK, and has over 1,000 employees across Europe and America. It is changing the way global brands operate their marketing. It was founded in 2009 and has become the ‘go-to’ solution for several major corporations like GSK, Jaguar Land Rover, Heineken, Currys, and PUMA. Team ITG is a multi-channel marketing activation business. Its martech platform CanopyCloud is supported by its 24-hour creative production and client services like creative production, strategy, performance marketing, photography, and film. This blend of technology allows Team ITG to deploy solutions for all kinds of client needs swiftly. They offer fast, agile marketing partnerships that deliver excellent results across all channels. Simon Ward, CEO of Team ITG, commented: "Our success has been built on revolutionising the way marketers work, liberating them from tedious administrative tasks through our integrated ecosystem of game-changing technology and world-class creative services. Designed by marketers for marketers, our martech platform is highly innovative, refreshingly intuitive, and extremely powerful. GSK, one of our many global clients, recently described our CanopyCloud platform as 'the future and heart of their content operations.' "We would like to thank Equistone for its fantastic support in developing our business over the past four years. And now, our relationship with Bridgepoint is another brilliant milestone in our journey as we grow globally. We have the team and the resources to deliver even more powerful results for our clients across the world while also developing a host of exciting new partnerships." "Team ITG is a successful marketing operations services business with a compelling software offering, CanopyCloud. It operates in a very large, growing and fragmented market that benefits from the increasing need for automation driven by the shift to digital and personalised marketing. We're excited to be backing the team at a crucial time as they scale their technology offering and become increasingly global – areas where we can provide the necessary expertise to accompany them on this next stage in their journey." Emma Watford, partner and co-head of Bridgepoint's investment activities in the UK Paul Harper, Partner at Equistone, said: "We are proud to have partnered with Simon and the team during this exceptional phase of the company's development, comprising strong organic and acquisitive growth. We are also delighted to be reinvesting in Team ITG as a minority shareholder and look forward to continuing to support the business's ambitious global growth strategy."

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Nauto, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial fleets and the automotive sector, announced that new partners had joined its channel partner program. It also announced a new Nauto Essentials Subscription, which allows fleets of all sizes to speed up their adoption of Nauto’s predictive AI vehicle safety technology. Brandmotion and Advantage Asset Tracking have taken Nauto’s channel partner count to 15. It has partners across fleet management companies like Donlen, leasing companies like Orix, and resellers from Geotab Marketplace. "Today's driver has never had more distractions at their fingertips. Now, more than ever, it's imperative to improve driver and roadway safety by getting predictive collision warning technology into as many fleets as possible," said Jay Rampuria, Chief Revenue Officer, Nauto. "Partnering with Nauto means teaming up with the market leader in AI-predictive safety. Strong partnerships mean more growth and greater success. We're thrilled to be expanding our offerings and creating value for partners with the Nauto Essentials subscription level." "We are excited to be working with Nauto and to offer their leading AI safety technology to our customers," said Andrew Kopecki, President, Advantage Asset Tracking. "The new Essentials Subscription allows us to get both old and new fleets up and running quickly with predictive-AI technology that can have near immediate impact on risk reduction." "Vehicle safety technology continues to evolve helping to keep drivers alert while they are behind the wheel. With its superior and highly precise AI, Nauto can help change driver behavior with the in-vehicle alerts and can avoid potential collisions. It's an incredible game changer with respect to road safety and fleet performance ROI," said Randy Read, Co-Founder, EnVue Telematics. "With skyrocketing distractions on today's roadways, we're seeing high demand from customers for a safety solution that is easy to integrate into existing fleet vehicles, The demonstrated effectiveness of Nauto's predictive-AI tech and the added safety it provides to fleet drivers makes it an ideal solution." Jeff Varick, CEO, Brandmotion Nauto’s channel program enables partners to resell Nauto’s predictive-AI vehicle safety technology to new and existing customers. This tech can significantly reduce distracted driving events and collisions by up to 80 percent. Additionally, through the Nauto Essentials Subscription, fleets with limited resources can get essential in-vehicle alerts and fleet safety reporting to automatically encourage safer driving. It helps prevent collisions while respecting driver privacy. The AI tech tracks and analyzes risk in real-time. Whenever it detects a risk, it provides preventive warnings which can give drivers extra time to respond. The tech has been trained on more than 1.3 billion AI-processed driving miles for more accurate alerts, to eliminate issues around alert fatigue from false alerts. It addresses over 90 percent of weighted collision risk factors as identified by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

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