Affinity Solutions and ABCS Insights Partner to Provide Full Funnel Attribution Based on Card Purchase Data

Affinity Solutions | October 21, 2021

Affinity Solutions, a prominent data-led consumer intelligence company announced a partnership with ABCS Insights, a leader in full-funnel attribution. By integrating Affinity Solutions' real-time card purchase data with ABCS’s ad-effectiveness platform, clients can match prospects who viewed their ads with those who ultimately made a purchase. Thus, enabling clients to validate and measure the sales and ROI impact of any advertising campaigns with a digital footprint.

Affinity Solutions leverages purchase signals taken from over 100 million daily credit and debit card transactions to provide a real-time view into the purchase behaviors of consumers. Affinity’s data is anonymized for privacy compliance and enriched to enable insights across different dimensions including demographics, merchant category, and geography.

“Holistic funnel measurement is becoming the new media currency. COVID-19 has accelerated that transition. Affinity Solutions provides a key piece to facilitate the change. We are pleased to be working with Affinity Solutions on helping our Retail, Financial Services, and DTC clients navigate the new consumer mindsets.”

Jerome Shimizu, CEO and co-founder of ABCS Insights

“Traditional attribution methods only assign attribution if there is an ad click. The problem with this approach is that media campaigns often influence consumers to make purchases but do not generate a click.” says Phil Lore, Chief Revenue Officer of Affinity Solutions. “The partnership with ABCS Insights solves this problem by creating a direct link between media exposure and card purchases.”

About Affinity Solutions
Affinity is the authoritative source of truth for news outlets, not-for-profits, research firms and businesses in the US and the only source for purchase insights that can be analyzed by demographic, geographic, lifestyle segment and political affiliation. We power consumer engagement predicated on actual purchase behavior and consumer signals to help marketers evolve from campaigns to moments-based journeys.

About ABCS Insights
ABCS Insights is a leader in closed-loop advertising effectiveness measurement. ABCS is driven to improve honesty and transparency in advertising through cost-effective real-time measurement at-scale. The core mission of ABCS is to bring the most relevant data sources to advertisers and publishers, empowering real-time decisions and optimizing results. The ABCS ad effectiveness platform connects brand research with real-world foot traffic and sales outcomes, providing unprecedented clarity into advertising and marketing campaigns.


In this Quick Wins video we show you how you can link a task to a CRM entity


In this Quick Wins video we show you how you can link a task to a CRM entity

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