The Value of Personalization for B2B Companies

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Personalization is top of mind for many organizations – 67 percent of marketers are pursuing personalization today. And although personalization is critical to engaging audiences in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, it’s challenging for organizations to understand where exactly to start.

In the first portion of this webinar, SiriusDecisions will share its industry and market insight to highlight the value personalization can deliver to your business based on their years of expertise in the B2B space.

Next, you’ll hear about Acquia’s multi-step approach to enabling data-driven personalization at your organization, with a specific focus on customers who have just started down the path to personalization.

Jonathan Tam -  Research director, account-based marketing strategies, SiriusDecisions

Jonathan is a dedicated marketing professional with a focus on joining strategic and tactical execution for impactful programs. He has Fifteen years experience developing and executing digital programs, including CRM strategy, database marketing, media planning, creative development, analytics and inside sales for B2B, B2C and DTC companies utilizing unique blend of computer science technical skills and corporate plus consulting / agency experience across High Tech, Life Sciences and many more.

Eric Fullerton - Product marketing manager, Acquia

Eric Fullerton is a product marketing leader for Acquia's personalization and journey orchestration products. Eric’s passion solving for the future of digital comes from living it firsthand for the past 10 years. Eric has been navigating the divide between people, process, and technology at small organizations and global tech giants alike as he continues his journey to excite employees and engage customers through the power of digital marketing.

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