2020 Digital Trends
Telecommunications in Focus

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The telecommunications sector (Telco) is in the middle of a period of massive upheaval as it starts to roll out 5G and experiment with the new services the technology will enable. At the same time, the sector has become commodified, leaving it open to disruption from OTT providers and the telecommunications companies themselves at
risk of becoming mere utility providers.

Telco’s CX confidence outstrips that of all other business sectors. It
seems to be justified: Telco marketers are embracing new CX enabling
technologies and planning to invest even more, to chase success.
But there needs to be more focus on content, customer experience
management and technology integration for that success to continue.

Other challenges need to be addressed across the sector:
  • skills and talent retention,
  • competition from digital natives, and
  • product and service quality and innovation.
  • where 5G will be critically important.

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