10 Reasons to Adopt E-Signature

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The way we work has changed. Modern organizations are putting together new technology systems that allow employees to be productive outside a traditional office building. Electronic signature is an important part of that work-from-anywhere toolkit.

To research the way e-signature usage has impacted business efficiency and customer experiences through the evolving landscape, DocuSign conducted a survey of almost 2000 decision makers at organizations around the world.

What we found might surprise you:

  • Two-thirds of today’s e-signature users started using the technology in the last two years
  • 95% of organizations are either using e-signature, evaluating e-signature providers or planning to purchase a solution in the future.
  • Current e-signature users rate security as the top business benefit
  • 3 in 4 respondents using e-signature describe their signing experience as easy.

In this report, we’ll cover the findings of our research and present data that can answer common questions about adopting e-signature technology.

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