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4Networking is the UK's only truly joined-up business network. We provide networking opportunities and business support to our members all across England, Scotland, and Wales. The cornerstone of 4Networking is our vibrant network of local groups, 250 in total. Those groups meet for breakfast, lunch, and in the evening each fortnight. That's over 5,000 networking opportunities every year! Our online TV channel (http://www.4Networking.TV) and our vibrant online forum at 4Networking.Biz keep the community connected in between meets.


More than twice as many marketers say their companies are marketing tech innovators or early adopters, compared to a year ago, But 52 percent say they can’t keep up with the changes in marketing tech.This picture of increasingly adventurous but overwhelmed marketers found in Walker Sands Communications’ “State of Marketing Technology 2017,” out today points to a greater acceptance of marketing tech by digital marketers even as the space continues to evolve. The report is ...


The FenDak Group today announced that KloseBuy Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, is releasing in September its affordable and self-administered web and mobile marketing and loyalty platform for businesses called Klosebuy (www.klosebuy.com)....

Marketing Week outlines 12 trends, predictions and issues that will gain pace over the next 12 months. In part two we look at why zero-based budgeting will become the new normal, TV’s comeback and what the influencer model will look like in 2017. Several trends have coalesced to make zero-based budgeting an imperative for marketing teams in 2017. The practice requires marketers to justify spending on all new activity, rather than having set budgets based on revenues or the previous year&rs...

RAPP UK has been appointed by Heist Studios, the innovative bodywear brand, to launch its autumn campaign for the debut of its luxury, seamless tights.

The campaign will focus on digital advertising, a new website design, new packaging design, social and content strategy, all supported by a robust traditional media strategy.

Edzard van der Wyck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Heist Studios in London, said: "RAPP completely understood the brief, the positio...


Snapchat is expanding the program’s scope to include companies that specialize in producing the content that appears after people swipe up on an ad. After introducing its Creative Partner program in January 2017 with seven companies validated as Snapchat ad-creation specialists, Snapchat has added 14 more firms to the list. The expansion, announced Wednesday, also broadens the scope of the program’s capabilities to better serve direct-response advertisers....

Four youths won prizes in the first Cambodia Creator contest for coming up with video tutorials designed to promote makeup products among social media users.The Cambodia Creator contest was launched in late April with the aim of promoting creativity in film and video production. Organizers hoped to scout around for young Cambodians who have the potential to become social media influencers....


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